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Water Works Bureau's Disaster

Final update date March 1, 2021

What kind of response do you take in the event of a disaster?

Reservoirs (22 locations) and disaster underground water tanks (134 units) are deployed in various places in Yokohama City, and the reservoir secures water for one week of citizens (49 liters per person).

What are the disaster countermeasures that can be done at home?

When pumping tap water into a plastic tank, be sure to store it in a cool and dark place, and replace it in about one week in winter and about three days in summer.
In Water Works Bureau City asks you to secure 3 liters of drinking water per person per day, at least 9 liters of drinking water for at least 3 days.

Where can I buy Yokohama City Official Water "Hamako Doshi The Water" (plastic bottle)?

Yokohama City Official Water "Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center (045-847-6262) accepts orders from customers in the city for the Yokohama City Official Water "Hamako Doshi The Watter". After the reception, the department in charge or the delivery company will contact you back and confirm the delivery date. You can also specify the delivery date on weekends and holidays.
You can also accept orders via the Internet. It is also sold at some convenience stores, tourist facilities, baths, and retail liquor association member stores in the city.

Sales prices in Water Works Bureau

"Hamako Doshi The Watter" [500ml: 24 bottles per case] 2,400 yen (tax included)
※Delivery fee: 200 yen for 1 to 10 cases per order, free for 11 cases or more
※Expiration date: 2 years from manufacturing
※Contact: Customer Service Center (045-847-6262)

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"Hamako Doshi The Watter" Internet reception (outside site)
Delivery of "Hamako Doshi The Water"

For inquiries about water supply, please contact Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center.

Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center

Telephone: 045-847-6262 Fax: 045-848-4281
※Please be careful not to make a mistake.

Inquiries to this page

Water Works Bureau General Affairs Division, General Affairs Department

Telephone: 045-671-3105

Telephone: 045-671-3105

Fax: 045-212-1155

Email address: [email protected]

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