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About recruitment of new users of municipal graveyard, charnel

Last update date October 23, 2019

About recruitment of users of graveyard, charnel managed by Yokohama-shi, we accept application once a year only during period of about one month.
In application, we are with the proviso that it is Yokohama citizen.
In addition, we are going to publish in "public information Yokohama" of start month about offer information other than our homepage during application period.
In addition, about offers such as municipal graveyards, newspaper ads are performed by some private business people, but have nothing to do with Motoichi entirely.

Offer schedule (reference)

Rough passage of usual is as follows.
April: We decide facility of offer plan
The mid-July and early August: We publish detailed (application period, application division, the number of the offers, detailed application condition) of offer contents
About one month of early fall: Application period
October: It is decided elected candidate by public lottery
After November: Business formalities such as screenings
From December to January: The delivery such as the fee for use
From February to March: Beginning to use

About recruitment of users such as graveyards municipal in 2019 [application period is expired]

Graveyard, charnels of offer are as follows in 2019.
Hino komorebi charnel automatic conveyance-type cinerarium facility
Hino komorebi charnel burying together-type cinerarium facility
Kuboyama graveyard grave place
Application period: From Monday, September 2, 2019 to Monday, September 30, 2019

July 9, 2019 press release material

About recruitment of users of graveyard, charnel managed by Yokohama-shi in 2019 (PDF: 539KB)

Bookmark of application

Bookmark (PDF: 6,702KB) of application
We distribute "bookmark of application" with exclusive application in each ward office Public Relations Section, each service counter in the city hall, city hall citizen counselor's office, each municipal graveyard Administration Office, each municipal funeral hall. It is from September 2, 2019 to September 30, 2019 during distribution period.
Application becomes only mail with exclusive application. (effective postmark on September 30, 2019)

October 16, 2019 press release material

About recruitment of users result of graveyard, charnel managed by Yokohama-shi in 2019 (PDF: 250KB)

As a result of public lottery (October 20, 2019)

As the number of the applicants was less than the number of the offers in the Class application division a i Ueki, we come to have been elected by no lottery.
But we drew lots to decide use division about Class ki (Kuboyama graveyard).
Division numbers of elected candidate (we include filling a vacancy election) and Class ki of Oka group are as follows.
Recruitment of graveyard, charnel 2019 users lottery result (PDF: 364KB) managed by Yokohama-shi
When "disqualification" is given "refusal" from "election", filling a vacancy order will inform filling a vacancy elected candidate of Oka group from high rank.
We are going to perform raising in March, 2020. (by the end of March contact when there is not, it is defeat)
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