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About notices of figure of construction system account book, construction system, mark

Last update date June 2, 2020

When constructor who accepted an order of the community construction by revision of law about promotion of adequacy of bid of public construction and contract on after April 1, 2015 concludes subcontract, you make construction system account book regardless of amount of money and must submit copying to person of ordering (in Motoichi supervision department)

About figure of construction system account book, construction system

As you publish the following styles, please refer to.

1.The enforcement system account book
(1)This newspaper (reference style, making example, mention misexample)
(2)Re-subcontracting notification (reference style, making example)
(3)Construction charge engineer account book (reference style, entry example)
2.Figure of construction system (reference style, making example)

About marks to raise in the construction spot

We publish five kinds of next as main marks.

1.Permission vote of construction industry
2.Workmen's Accident Compensation Insurance-related establishment vote
3.Figure of construction system
4.Notice of submitting re-subcontracting notification to former contractor
5.The spot mark of construction industry retirement bonus mutual aid (datetaikyo) system application business owner

[reference style]

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