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Social insurance in Motoichi ordering construction about participation promotion measures

Last update date June 2, 2020


We take out social insurance and promote and take measures

About all Motoichi ordering construction to conclude notification, notice of nomination or subcontract that we estimate and asked for after April 1, 2018

  1. Social insurance prohibits subcontract (all including the following second) with non-participation constructor.
  2. But, in the case of next, we can assume non-participation supplier lower contractor.
  • When we submit participation confirmation documents to person of ordering within a fixed period of time
  • When person of ordering admits that we have special circumstances including case that comes to have difficulty in construction of construction if we do not assume non-participation supplier concerned lower contractor
  1. If when is proved to violate 1 mentioned above, (is excluded in any of 2 mentioned above) is lower contractor that is the second or less by one-month nomination stop measures if non-participation supplier is primary subcontracting person for former contractor; written; warn. In addition, we deduct construction results rating point in addition.
  2. Non-participation supplier reports to construction industry permission incarnation.

Subcontract a total of 30 million yen that performed notification, notice of nomination or estimate request by November 30, 2015 from December 1, 2014 or more about Motoichi ordering construction of (as for the building complete set construction 45 million yen or more) and all Motoichi ordering construction construction to conclude subcontract that asked for notification, nomination notification or estimate by March 31, 2018 from December 1, 2015

  1. Social insurance prohibits primary subcontract with non-participation constructor.
  2. When the thing violating to 1 mentioned above becomes clear, for former contractor, in principle one-month nomination stop takes a step and deducts points of construction results rating point.
  3. Social insurance of all subcontractors identifies the participation situation with construction system account books and reports to construction industry permission incarnation when we confirm non-participation supplier.

Procedure material and style

About procedure that social insurance affects participation promotion measures


[reference] Summary of social insurance system

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