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Construction results rating standard

In Yokohama-shi, we evaluate construction results by construction results rating standard in conformity with standard of country from 2003.

Last update date June 3, 2020


About construction to carry out inspection after April 1, 2019, it revises construction results rating standard to be based on standard (after 2010) of country.

Downloading of construction results rating standard

Construction to carry out inspection to after 2019.4.1

  • We evaluate using "public works" or "building works" by contents of construction about facilities construction.
    (there is no "facilities construction".)

※We revised 2019.3.18 item, format partly. [Modified contents (PDF: 58KB)

Construction to perform notification after H29.12.5

  • "The contract price itemized statement" submitted by contractor and "progress schedule" reflected that the "spot proxy/agent" "chief engineer" "control engineer" must notify by deadline for start in examination item, operation list according to examination item and check list of "construction process" within five days (except holiday of Motoichi to prescribe in regulations Article 1 Paragraph 1 setting holiday of Yokohama-shi).

Construction to perform notification after H29.1.24

  • About construction to perform notification after January 24, 2017, "construction start registration form" submitted to by contractor reflected what you must submit by deadline for start in examination item, operation list according to examination item and check list of "construction process". In addition, we changed confirmation matter explanation contents of examination item as the lower limit of sum of the contract price for construction that placement of engineer was necessary for by exclusive duty for each spot and the contract price for subcontract that control engineer was necessary for was raised.

Construction to perform notification after H27.12.1

Contract construction after H27.4.1

Contract construction of H25.4.1 - H27.3.31

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