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Engineering works multiplication system

Last update date September 11, 2020

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23 About construction area, construction place division corresponding to public works standard multiplication workbook (August, 2020) (PDF: 43KB) September, 2020

About "multiplication of security costs" of surveying duties in multiplication system (2) (PDF: 33KB)
Reference: Number 16

August, 2020
21 About calculation such as expenses (is circle) in multiplication system, sundry expenses (round rate +) (PDF: 82KB) July, 2020
20 Such as design duties in multiplication system directly about count such as personnel expenses (V3) (PDF: 196KB) July, 2020
19 About operation of Yokohama-shi engineering works multiplication system using April, 2020 standard (PDF: 110KB) June, 2020

About revision calculation of securing of Yokohama-shi five-day working week model construction in engineering works multiplication system (2) (PDF: 637KB)
(we add contents of public works standard unit price in harbor engineering works contract construction multiplication standard July, 2020)

July, 2020 correction
June, 2020

17 About fraction processing when revised to market unit price (PDF: 135KB) June, 2020

About "multiplication of security costs" of surveying duties in multiplication system (PDF: 37KB)
Reference: Number 22

August, 2020 correction
May, 2020


About delay of operation of Yokohama-shi engineering works multiplication system using April, 2020 standard
(Yokohama-shi engineering works multiplication system using standard was acceptable from June 24, 2020 in April, 2020.)
Reference: Number 19

April, 2020
14 About administrative expenses of "multiplication of construction that construction points scatter" in multiplication system (PDF: 40KB)

November, 2019

13 About fraction processing of the amount of object calculation when materials of packaging have setting of supplies and management fee division construction in multiplication system (PDF: 131KB) November, 2019
12 About fraction processing of "footway-roadway boundary block" in multiplication system and "frontage border block" (PDF: 136KB) November, 2019
11 About contents displayed by engineering works multiplication system (PDF: 217KB) July, 2019
10 About fraction processing division (PDF: 64KB)

July 19, 2019 correction
July, 2019

9 About fraction handling of extra revision of the labor unit price (PDF: 37KB) July, 2019
8 About revision calculation of Yokohama-shi weekly holiday 2nd in engineering works multiplication system (PDF: 130KB)

June, 2020 correction
April 1, 2019

7 Fraction handling of building a breakwater details design in multiplication system (PDF: 106KB) July 2, 2018
6 Fraction handling of investigation duties (general analysis report) (PDF: 86KB) such as analysis of machine bowling in multiplication system July 2, 2018
5 Fraction handling of machine bowling (quality of soil bowling, bedrock bowling) in multiplication system (PDF: 104KB) July 2, 2018

Fraction handling of soft ground technology analysis duties in multiplication system (PDF: 91KB)

July 2, 2018

Fraction handling of road details design (less than 1km) in multiplication system (PDF: 100KB)

July 2, 2018
2 Design, surveying of general engineering works, revision (PDF: 341KB) of geological survey trust October 1, 2016
1 Engineering works multiplication system management fee division table (PDF: 77KB)

July, 2019 update
July 2, 2018 update
September 1, 2016

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