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Local recyclables collection

Last update date December 17, 2020

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Local recyclables collection

With local recyclables collection

It is citizen's group (registration group) and collections of recyclable garbage (paper, cloth, metal kind, bottles) which registration supplier carries out such as Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations. Incentive wages are issued according to quantity of collection from Yokohama-shi.

>>>With local recyclables collection

When you do not know collection place, collection day, please confirm by the following methods.
・You see blue sticker of collection place
・We have you ask toward the neighborhood
・You inquire to Resources and Waste Recycling Bureau office of each ward

Because durability kyo rio of recyclable garbage prevents, we do not release collection place, collection day on the Internet.

Merit of local recyclables collection

There is merit in local recyclables collection !

Merit 1

There is less government spending required for collection than administrative collection.

Merit 2

The formation of local community is promoted.

Merit 3

We can utilize incentive wages as activity costs of registration group effectively.

Merit 4

Regional economy is activated by incentive wages grant for registration supplier.

What's New

To registration group made local recyclables collection of canned canned aluminum, steel
About local recyclables collection ask (PDF: 418KB)

  • Yokohama-shi local recyclables collection summary (May 21, 2020 revision)Downloading cornerWe published in this.
  • The local recyclables collection communication latest issueDownloading cornerWe published in this.

Local resident

The conduct group person in charge

Resource recovery supplier

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