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Please be aware of the Commercial Law for Inspection of Sewage and Drainage Equipment

Final update date March 12, 2019

The owner is responsible for cleaning and managing drainage facilities in residential lands.
As long as it is used normally, it rarely gets clogged or broken.

In addition, in "sewerage construction" and "water supply construction" performed by "Environmental Planning Bureau chemicals to reduce turbidity and odor.Water Works Bureau" will not distribute chemicals.

Even if you are recommended to check or repair the drainage system, refuse if not necessary.

In addition, when there is trouble in drainage in residential land, please talk with "Yokohama-shi drainage designation construction shop" of neighborhood.

In addition, "Yokohama City Pipe Works Cooperative (Telephone 681-6631)", a business organization in Yokohama City, also introduces members of the union (Yokohama City Drainage Designated Construction Shop). (Reception hours 8: 30-17: 30) However, the union only introduces it. Please consult directly with the designated drainage designated construction shop for consultation on the contents and costs of the construction.

Visiting households living alone or households who are alone during the day, inspecting drainage facilities (drain pipes, sewage masu, etc.) in unnecessary residential lands, requesting unfair prices, and selling chemicals and equipment Inspection commercial law occurs in various places.


Case Studies

"I'm doing sewerage work nearby, so I'd like you to check if the smell is out of the drainage system in the residential land." Open the lid of the sewage masu, sprinkle the deodorant without permission, and charge the price. I do.
"I came from the city hall." Visit with confusing words that are related to the city hall, such as "I came with the introduction of the government office."
Inspect by saying "free now", find a defective part, and forcibly repair it.
If you refuse, you will take an intimidating attitude of extortion and forcibly press the contract.


I'll never go home. Let's refuse.
If you are too persistent to sign a contract, let the police know.
Don't move even if you are told a story on your way home.
Also, make sure that there are no suspicious stickers or landmarks on the gate posts or entrances, and remove them.
(It may be a landmark for various unscrupulous commercial laws.)

When I felt "Is it strange?"
Ask for identification,
Please write down the name of the supplier, the name of the person in charge, and the contact information.
Please contact the following:
Public Works Office of each ward

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