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With medical system for elder senior citizens

Last update date June 17, 2020

We move to medical system for elder senior citizens from medical insurance that we joined till then when we reach 75-year-old birthday in medical insurance that people 75 years or older take out.
The municipalities cooperate with elderly aged 75 or over medical care interjurisdictional affiliation (we say "interjurisdictional affiliation" as follows.) established for each metropolis and districts and perform administration. Interjurisdictional affiliation runs system mainly, and the municipalities perform window duties mainly.
The system is such that this system supports in the whole society. Among medical expenses , as for the remaining expense except copayment to pay at windows such as medical institutions, about 40%, insured people of medical-care system for the latter-stage elderly bear about 10% for premium about 50%, money of support from active play generation in taxes (country, the prefectural municipalities bear public money).

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