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Director General extra April, 2017 (message from Director General)

Last update date November 28, 2018

Do you know member of health practice promotion?

Member of health practice promotion is interested in health promotion, and people with will to carry out health promotion activity in area receive recommendation from Neighborhood Association, Neighborhood Associations and are which was able to receive commission from The Mayor of Yokohama. Member of health practice promotion practices health promotion as spark plug of health promotion of local all of you by oneself, and, through local health promotion activity, approach to be connected for extension of healthy life expectancy of you and areas is done.
On April 6, we held the ceremony of commission toward 203 to have you carry member of health practice promotion of Kanagawa Ward for two years until the end of 2018.

Commission-style state in Kanagawa public hall(image: 98KB)
[commission-style state in Kanagawa public hall]

As for the directionality of activity of member of Kanagawa Ward health practice promotion of 2017, health promotion campaign and walking decide to work on promotion of local health promotion activity through tortoise native business, child care support activity, local various activities such as keep-fit class, disaster drill, area festival, contact visit quickly and healthily in cooperation with affiliate.

Trademark of member of health practice promotion

We put on hat of orange and, at inhabitant of a ward Festival or local event, are member of health practice promotion in the blood vessel age measurement and healthy green vest checking. In addition, please participate casually as you carry out keep-fit class and the locomotive syndrome prevention, health promotion event including walking in 21 districts in ward.

Logo mark of the 90th anniversary of Kanagawa constituency system

Kanagawa Ward reaches the constituency system 90th anniversary this year. In executive committee, we make "we widen healthy movement and aim at cheerful Kanagawa Ward" one of the concepts.
On 25th, we carry out health promotion events such as course and consultation, exercises about health depending on generation as business of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system in Kanagawa sports center in June. We renew to be easy to walk Mitsuzawa murmuring green walks and "health rises and carries out walking event" in autumn.
In addition, we carry out recipe contest of local production for local consumption, commemorative project about various health promotions including care prevention enlightenment course. I am to receive cooperation of members of health practice promotion from these events.

State of walking event
[state of walking event]

Healthy state of a check
[healthy state of a check]

Thing, "we were careful about there being and are much just more comfortable than we injured health, and various limits hung over life and had a hard time" was said to me from member of health practice promotion several years ago. Therefore we reflected on unconcerned lifestyle and were improved in the vegetables-centered eating habits a little. As a result, we can clear metabolic standard well recently. When member of health practice promotion that had advice is benefactor of my healthy life expectancy, we really thank.
Needless to say, there is that we spend time with health in the root to spend the rich life. We expect for activity of member of health practice promotion to propel health promotion of inhabitants of a ward very much.

April, 2017
Mayor Kanagawa Tomomi Ninomiya

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