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Director General extra November, 2017 (message from Director General)

Last update date November 28, 2018

Tortoise Taro health rose and held walk

"Tortoise Taro health rose and, on November 4, held walk" as one of the business of the 90th anniversary of Kanagawa constituency system. In holding, member of business executive committee and health practice promotion of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system, the eating habits had great cooperation from members of improvement promotion (health mate), sports promotion committee member and the young people instructors. We sincerely offer my gratitude.
Kanagawa Ward reached the constituency system 90th anniversary on October 1 of this year. "We send charm of Kanagawa Ward and get participation of wide generation and open health movement and, in executive committee, carry out commemorative projects various as concept in we aim at cheerful Kanagawa Ward".
We fixed in environment that health saw routes from Sorimachi Park to Mitsuzawa Park, and did a little, and was easy to walk so that health movement that was one of the concepts of this business of the 90th anniversary was widened. Rising is three city park mainly on Mitsuzawa murmuring city park, and this health is route of about 4km to link. We repaired the sidewalk to walk comfortably happily on this way filled with greenery and installed 11, road surface signature in eight by information signature and spot signature and maintained health playground equipment in Tammachi park to be able to exercise casually.

Tortoise Taro health rises; state of start of walk
[tortoise Taro health rises state of start of walk]

Unveiling ceremony of information signature that we installed in Tammachi park by student of Mitsuru Ito Kanagawa Ward consecutive meeting's chairperson, Nishiki stand junior high school, Nishiterao elementary school, Kougaya elementary school as this health michinoo announcing something new was performed on that day.
We were divided into three sets, and, following unveiling ceremony, many inhabitants of a ward enjoyed walking after event held declaration of member of Kanagawa Ward health practice promotion society Vice Chairperson Kodama.

Signature that we displayed on road surface
[signature that we displayed on road surface]

Guidance signature that displayed route map
[guidance signature that displayed route map]

In open space before Yokohama-shi war dead memorial of Mitsuzawa Park of goal, we performed cool-down (rearranging exercises) after walking, and finishing walking badge and memory towel were presented to all the people who finished walking. Member of health practice promotion or the eating habits had you participate in healthy check corner and food education booth by member of improvement promotion (health mate), and participant had you raise interest in health promotion.

State of open space before memorial of goal
[state of open space before memorial of goal]

Healthy check corner, food education booth
[healthy check corner, food education booth]

As we distribute this health michino route map at ward office, we have one hand utilize healthy michio and would like our map so that it is worked on health promotion while enjoying walking.

Tortoise Taro health rises and maps route of walk

November, 2017
Mayor Kanagawa Tomomi Ninomiya

The 90th anniversary

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