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Director General extra October, 2017 (message from Director General)

Last update date November 29, 2018

Ceremony of the 90th anniversary of Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi constituency system was held

On October 1, commemorative ceremony by business executive committee of the 90th anniversary of Kanagawa constituency system was held in Kanagawa, Yokohama-shi inhabitant of a ward Cultural Center "kanakku hall". In commemorative ceremony, we had attendance of the Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations person concerned, affiliate, all of the companies and guest and we celebrated the Kanagawa constituency system 90th anniversary and prayed for further development of Kanagawa Ward.
It was called Minato, Kanagawa from the Kamakura era, and Kanagawa Ward, this ground prospered as strategic point of traffic on the seas, trade. In the Edo era, we prospered as one of the best post towns in bustle, Tokaido as strategic point of ground transportation as "Tokaido Kanagawa accommodation". Many temples were used by consulates of each country and, at the time of the opening of a port, became the diplomatic stage. And Kanagawa Ward having a population of 114,000 people in 1927 is born and thereafter continues up to the present day after the many historic changes. The war in particular was burnt to the ground at most of ward and, also, got over many hardships including the requisition for many years by power of inhabitants of a ward.
We grew up now as ward that had expression of various towns to be said to be modern cityscape which spread at the water front desk of seaside part, scenery among green that farmland of inland remained, cheerful mall, reduced drawing of Yokohama including quiet residential area along ridge to be said to be "the town of sea and green and hill". Kanagawa Ward had newness and history and it was full of human touch and right developed as town where vitality was. To labor of the last seniors and "my wait Kanagawa" is shinjin for hot thought; want to show respect.

Greetings of Mitsuru Ito practice chairperson
[greetings of Mitsuru Ito practice chairperson]

Announcement of message by children
[message by children]

In Part 1 of commemorative ceremony, Mitsuru Ito Executive Committee Chairperson was informed of saying "we hope that Kanagawa Ward accomplished further development for the constituency system 100th anniversary." and national public safety commission chairman, country of guest was tough and had congratulatory address from Representative Yokohama City Council Representative Noriaki Komatsu with Minister Hachiro Koshiki of Minister charge, Minister appointed by the Cabinet Office. After the letter of thanks presentation to person of support, message to Kanagawa Ward ten years after children was announced especially. Message put thought, "town where oneself would live in in future wanted you to happen.", and it was put 19 public elementary schools in ward, junior high school seven particularly by one support school, 27 students in total and overflowed all in dream and hope. In commemorative ceremony, Aoki Elementary School, Kuritaya Junior High School, students of blindness special support school were watched as the representative warmly by venues, and announcement that cheerful, was earnest was performed. We open ten years after this message seals time capsule and reaches the 100th anniversary.

Performance of Kanagawa University orchestra which is extreme in force
[performance of Kanagawa University orchestra which is extreme in force]

In Part 2 of commemorative ceremony, commemorative concert by Kanagawa University orchestra was held, and venue was wrapped in impression in powerful performance including wedding march. 80 members work on Kanagawa University orchestra in Yokohama campus in Kanagawa Ward. While member works together in competition, in pursuit of music that we can express simply because it is student, we perform activity energetically in various performances including community-based concert. We sincerely offer my gratitude for wonderful performance.

It is storm of applause cheers from venue wrapped in impression
[from venue wrapped in impression storm of applause cheers]

In executive committee "rediscovery with good point of ward" "wide generation planned various commemorative projects for Kanagawa Ward that participation" was fine based on concept of three of "healthy movement", and carried out. In addition, we look forward to your participation as there will be many commemorative projects to carry out in future and guides by public information.
We will collaborate with ward inhabitants with this 90th anniversary well in future and "we bring up connection and aim at town Kanagawa Ward which can realize warmth in peace" and will act in further enhancement of approach to ward administration. I would like your continued help.

October, 2017
Mayor Kanagawa Tomomi Ninomiya

The 90th anniversary

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