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Director General extra January, 2018 (message from Director General)

Last update date November 27, 2018

A Happy New Year

Inhabitants of a ward are sincerely pleased with the New Year having been greeted in good health.
It is "the Year of the Dog" this year. Dog with character that is admirable with faithfulness is animal one which is the most familiar to human being. Your ball would be highly appreciated till the last in this year as the staff will work together for problem of the administration of a ward like dog to run after with every effort.

We are conscious of next in particular and want to work on the administration of a ward administration this year.
We will push forward approach for construction of local inclusion care system well by 2025 when the baby boom generation becomes 75 years or older. We devise Kanagawa Ward action guideline of that purpose and are going to announce in March. Based on this guideline, we will promote life support to elderly person, (4) dementia measures by the main constituent that cooperation of (1) home medical care, care, (2) care preventive promotion, (3) are various.
The third community-based welfare health planning "Kanagawa support love plan" that we devised with local all of you reaches the third year this year. In this year becoming halfway point of plan, we look back on past approach and will push forward examination with local about various problems for accomplishment.
In addition, we support local personnel training that many inhabitants of a ward regard disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage as own thing and can move to action and will act for further improvement of area disaster prevention by self support, community support.

For inhabitants of a ward, correct quickness provides basic administrative services carefully as the most imminent administration and wants to push forward thought, approach of collaboration to sweat about local familiar problem in relations with a view of local and face together this year.

As we bring up connection of inhabitants of a ward so that the bright constituency system 100th anniversary is reached and aim at Kanagawa Ward which can realize warmth in peace and will work on enhancement of the administration of a ward, it follows, and your help would be highly appreciated in future.
We sincerely pray for your good health, great happiness so that this year becomes fruitful age for inhabitants of a ward.

January, 2018
Mayor Kanagawa Tomomi Ninomiya

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