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Director General extra May, 2017 (message from Director General)

Last update date November 28, 2018

We held Kanagawa Ward road safety person who has rendered distinguished services commendation ceremony

Including the alliance Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association, conduct engine and group, educational institution, the police, administration of road safety measures in ward cooperate mutually, and Kanagawa Ward road safety measures meeting is organized in "let's get rid of traffic accident from Kanagawa Ward in inhabitant of a ward acting as a body" by password to carry out road safety measures that general, are effective.
In this meeting, road safety measures of walker and child, elderly person, prevention of traffic accident with bicycle, motorcycle, affiliate including promotion of maintenance of road, road safety facility cooperate and push forward various approaches.
Needless to say, traffic accident is misery that both victim and assailant become unhappy instantly. It observes traffic rules to get rid of miserable traffic accident, and it plans improvement of manner, and it is important that each inhabitants of a ward has road safety awareness highly. On April 25, we held commendation ceremony to individual and group where there was remarkable achievement for road safety activity including approach to prevention of uplift and traffic accident of local road safety awareness in the general meeting of this meeting.
In personal part, it commended for activities such as street monitoring activities at intersection as road safety person who has rendered distinguished services toward Ichiro Kobayashi, Sakata best husband, Yoichi Takano, eight people of Kazuo Maruhashi by Hideaki Abiko, activity to see, and to prevent traffic accident of primary schoolchild including defense of elementary school student by activities such as appeals of road safety by various road safety street campaigns as crossing guard of association of Kanagawa road safety as Shigekatsu Kuwabara, Asako Nagamori, Tomoko Nishida, Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations transportation department.
In part of group, it commended 5 groups of prevention of leaving promotion meetings such as Tammachi Station bicycles for activities such as instruction of use of appropriateness such as sankeikotsukabushikikaishayo, Iwasawa, bicycle around Tammachi Station or rearranging of illegally parked bicycle by activities such as support of safe check of paths of attending school and road safety activity that we watched and "watched south Kandaiji elementary school school zone meeting, Ikegami elementary school by activities such as activities and long-time lasted Sugeta housing Neighborhood Association by road safety instruction activities at the time of leaving school as unit", and association performed as supporting member of Kanagawa road safety association as road safety service group.
It thinks that there was great labor to continue these activities for many years. We sincerely offer my gratitude for having received contribution named mint from road safety and accident prevention of Kanagawa Ward. Thank you very much.

State of Kanagawa Ward road safety measures meeting person who has rendered distinguished services commendation ceremony(image: 98KB)
[state of Kanagawa Ward road safety measures meeting person who has rendered distinguished services commendation ceremony]

May, 2017
Mayor Kanagawa Tomomi Ninomiya

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