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Director General extra March, 2018 (message from Director General)

Last update date November 27, 2018

We held "Kanagawa Ward Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi thanks party".

On Monday, March 5, we held "Kanagawa Ward Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi thanks party" in hotel Yokohama Camelot Japan.
It was Mayor's Residence and introduced 19 chairpersons who were able to receive the mayor commendation as incumbent for ten years or more many years on Thursday, February 8 and presented souvenir and commended ten chairpersons or more for thanks party for holding the post five years.
On behalf of Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi, "Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations carries upbringing, beautification of town, various local actions including improvement of welfare of emergency management, anti-crime program, the young people from Chairperson Mitsuru Ito of association of Kanagawa Ward Neighborhood Associations Neighborhood Association notification meeting soundly. Chairpersons think that it is made an effort as spark plug of local action unusually again as filler position between inhabitants. Chairpersons commended this time had greetings saying we expect more and more achievement with this.

State of Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi long-time incumbent commendation ceremony
[state of Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi long-time incumbent commendation ceremony]

Greetings of Chairperson Mitsuru Ito
[greetings of Chairperson Mitsuru Ito]

Kanagawa Ward has 180 Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations. It is worked activity that is wide for livable town development there to be able to spend comfortable days in peace in their towns.
For example, it is activities such as disaster prevention, reduce disaster damage, anti-crime program. Including storage of emergency supplies which prepared for at the time of disaster in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations and conduct of disaster drill comprise "in the case of emergency", and activity is performed. Anti-crime program patrol in the town block and town development that we see, and crime and traffic accident are hard to be caused by defense of child at the time of commuting to and from school are pushed forward. "We stop by toward the neighborhood and were helped" thinks that to expect comes a lot to "crime is hard to happen in the area where activity in the town block is prosperous" local power to have at the time of large-scale disaster.
In addition, we have you perform reporting on circular notice and bulletin boards such as local cleaning activity and management of collection site, information from administration or local news in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations. By methods various by Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations of elderly person of child care salon and health salon, single life see, and caring including defense is done, too.
For Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations which brings up local connection while working on such a various local actions, "time that "we see, and there is acquaintance in defense and neighborhood, and relief spends with friend of Neighborhood Associations of child" asks about voice from inhabitants including daily comfort stains".
We have Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi carry central role to push forward activity that is essential for community development to be able to live for in peace in area that lived so long.
Kanagawa Ward has history and human empathy is thick and thinks that it is livable town. We feel that head really falls down to this with there being labor of chairpersons that activity of Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations, the activity are gathered.

sare chairpersons common Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi in Sakae of incumbent commendation for many years
[Neighborhood Association Chairperson Machiuchi chairpersons that it was given honor of incumbent commendation for many years]

We have a lot of for appreciation not to be able to describe thoroughly even if we tell how many times when we think about longtime approach of chairpersons that it was given honor of commendation as incumbent for many years.
He/she takes good care of health enough and would like that it is played an active part as local precious human resources eagerly from now on.

March, 2018
Mayor Kanagawa Tomomi Ninomiya

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