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Director General extra July, 2017 (message from Director General)

Last update date November 27, 2018

We held business "Kanagawa wakuwaku health festival" of the 90th anniversary of Kanagawa constituency system

Kanagawa Ward was born with Tsurumi Ward, Naka Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Isogo Ward on October 1, 1927 when constituency system was spread in Yokohama-shi. "Wide generation participates, and "we send charm of ward and rediscover good point of ward" strengthens connection" in business executive committee (Mitsuru Ito practice chairperson) of the 90th anniversary of Kanagawa constituency system "aims at cheerful ward and carries out commemorative projects various as concept in we open health movement".
As part of business of the 90th anniversary of the constituency system, we held "Kanagawa wakuwaku health Festa" in Kanagawa sports center on Sunday, June 25.
It is big problem to postpone healthy life expectancy that becomes independent, and can live without depending on medical care, care now that it became protracted-life society. As well as health promotion of the advanced age period, it is important for health promotion which accepted life stage over life to wrestle to postpone healthy life expectancy.
We carried out "Kanagawa wakuwaku health Festa" to be a chance to think about "health and beauty, spirit" such as you or family to inhabitants of a ward to have you participated in health promotion from child to elderly person happily and experience.
On the day we utilized three physical education rooms of sports center, training room, all the buildings including lobby, and all of many affiliates became the staff and had visitors experience health promotion happily.
In the first physical education room, "tortoise Taro child exercises" by preschooler and nursery staff were shown. As "tortoise Taro child exercises" can learn choreography in YouTube (YouTube), we would appreciate your utilizing for the making of cheerful health of many children.

Tortoise Taro child does gymnastics together
[tortoise Taro child does gymnastics together]

It was orthopedist, sports doctor, and Mr. Nakamura lattice of Ambassador Yokohama health promotion public information "was healthy by some lectures in Yokohama City University guest professors beautifully in child care generation!", and "we let it say by two copies of lectures about stretch that it was easy that it was possible for every day when youthful forever, and, in part of lecture, practical skill, o theme told with practical skill about walking that was right under the theme of sea bream!" and radio exercises of adult.

Practical skill instruction of radio exercises of adult
[practical skill instruction of radio exercises of adult by Mr. Nakamura lattice]

Participant sweated by practical skill instruction of "kogunisaizu" by Shigeko Takagaki of health campaign instruction person successively. "kogunisaizu" is training to stimulate brain while exercising, and it is hoped that we reduce risk of dementia.
Between lectures, the first was enjoyed by experiencing quoits, Curolling of "refreshing sports" to be useful for the making of health promotion and friend, ladder game with the refreshing sports spread committee.

Lecture by Shigeko Takagaki
[lecture by Shigeko Takagaki]

Experience of refreshing sports
[experience of refreshing sports]

We had many people were interested in bone density, posture, body measurement of formation and the blood vessel age measurement by health practice promotion committees, health mate, food education quiz by dieticians, meal balance check, advice of dental hygienist in the second physical education room and participate.

[one point advice by physical fitness test and interview] It is image of this
[one point advice by physical fitness test and interview]

[meal balance check] It is image of this
[meal balance check]

We introduce play in the third physical education room in old days such as practical skill instruction of Paul stretch by sports center instructor and large jump rope, rubber black kite and think that you experience health promotion carelessly toward various generations and were able to learn.
Although all of you who participated are a pleasure, various health promotions are practiced by yourself and think that it is splendid if the whole area gets well by having you spread to family and acquaintance.
We push forward approach of various health promotions with the constituency system 90th anniversary and want to aim at more and more cheerful Kanagawa Ward in future. It was the staff, and we raised interest in health toward the inhabitant of a ward, and it was prosperous, and all of many affiliates was able to hold "Kanagawa wakuwaku health Festa" including health practice promotion committee and health mates, refreshing sports spread Committee, association of physical education, all of person with a disability area work places. We talk about thanks for cooperation of people concerned heartily.

July, 2017
Mayor Kanagawa Tomomi Ninomiya

The 90th anniversary

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