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Instruction, inspection

Last update date July 29, 2020


Collective guidance class ※The dates are different by community-based service home service.

Home service


○About the date
 We were going to hold in June, 2020, but, from the viewpoint of prevention of new coronavirus infection spread, assume postponement.
 We will tell about held methods some other time once it's been decided the date.

○Materials (we publish sequentially)
Discharge, the exit addition (home care support) (PDF: 392KB)
・Specific office intensive subtraction (home care support)
・Administration standard subtraction (home care support)
・The same building subtraction (pro-visit service)
・The extension addition (tsushokei service)
※We settle instruction examples of the addition, subtraction that it was a lot that calculation is false. Please confirm once again in each office.

2019 (we carry out for from 11 to 13 on June in 2019) ※We publish only materials

Community-based service


※We will tell about held methods once it's been decided the date.

2019 (we carry out on December 23.24, 2019) ※We publish only materials

Duty form tables

Community-based service
  Service classification
1 Periodical patrol, occasional correspondence model visit care nursing (Excel: 34KB)
2 Visit care-adaptive in the night
3 Authority of local coherence type place care (Excel: 33KB)
4 Authority of dementia-response model place care (Excel: 40KB)
5 Small scale multifunctional model home care (Excel: 31KB)
6 Dementia-response cohabitation care
7 Nursing small scale multifunctional model home care

Guide (please confirm than the following URL) of administration

Administration situation check book (please confirm than the following URL)

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