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Flow of purchase proposal of urban agricultural area

Last update date November 10, 2020

Please be careful
When it is done, the next agency needs prior telephone reservation.
When you have the next agency without advance reservations, please note that you may not cope.


When the next reason occurs, owner of urban agricultural area can report to buy urban agricultural area at the current price for the cause, the mayor of constant requirements.

Reason that purchase proposal is enabled

Reason is necessary to do purchase proposal. We cannot do purchase proposal in other than next reason (reason such as wanting to build building).

  • After day that passes in 30 years after was appointed in designated agricultural plot
  • When main worker of agriculture died from designation even before progress for 30 years or we made trouble (※)
    (we point to trouble to let you make that you engage in severe disorder and agriculture including hospitalization to need one year or more periods that cannot continue agriculture impossible with ※ "trouble")

Flow of procedure for purchase proposal

  • When purchase proposing is carried out for the mayor, city examines purchase, but performs mediation to scholar of other agriculture when cities do not buy.
  • When mediation is not established within three months from proposing day, and transfer of proprietary rights is not performed, limit of development activity is canceled and makes possible conversion to any place other than the farmland.

Please contact Environmental Planning Bureau agricultural administration promotion section for procedures for purchase proposal.

Notice matter

When we report, and a part is had purchase of in designated agricultural plots

We make possible some purchase proposal of designated agricultural plot only when we can cultivate person (families of same household) except current "worker as master of agriculture" about farmland (designated agricultural plot that reports, and does not have purchase) continuing as designated agricultural plot.

When proxy/agent comes

When proxy/agent comes about consultation and procedure about purchase proposal of designated agricultural plot and is done agency, proxy proving what we entrust proxy/agent with is necessary. When there is not proxy, of individual concreteness please note that cannot be consulted.

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