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About urban agricultural area

Last update date December 25, 2020

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Photograph of urban agricultural area

  • Farmland has various functions including earth-water preservation function and function as green tract of land, function as vacant land at the time of disaster not only as place producing farm products.
  • Urban agricultural area evaluates green tract of land function in farmland of area designated for urbanization positively and is system by to keep farmland which is useful for pollution and prevention of disaster, city environment creation in accord with agriculture in good condition, plan the formation of good city environment.

Designation of urban agricultural area

  • In Yokohama-shi, we appoint after procedure for city planning about thing corresponding to designated requirements of designated agricultural plot law, designated standard of city 300 square meters in area in area designated for urbanization or more as urban agricultural area among farmland cultivated well of (※).
  • Mark is installed in farmland which caught designation, and farmland owner is obliged to carry out appropriate management of farmland.
  • Designation of urban agricultural area in Yokohama-shi starts from 1992 and appoints more every year until now.
  • ※About reduction of area requirements

Look at this about designated agricultural plot-designated reception desk period; addition-designated urban agricultural area of 2021; report provisionally; news of reception desk
Look at this about flow of designated agricultural plot-designated procedure; addition-designated flow (schedule of city planning change) of urban agricultural area

The designated situation
The designated situationAreaPoint numberThe designated year
Urban agricultural area276.8ha1,601 placesDecision original on November 13, 1992
Change last on December 25, 2020

Limits such as development activities in urban agricultural area

  • Farmland appointed in urban agricultural area becomes easy to continue agriculture to be able to receive kind treatment on the taxation system side. On the other hand, acts such as construction of building, creation of residential land are limited to maintain as farmland.
  • But, about facility for agriculture, we can set up by permission of the mayor when there is not fear to bring adverse effects in neighboring living environment.
  • About setting and farmland creation of simple facility, it becomes only report.

For more details, please contact agricultural administration promotion section.

Purchase proposal of urban agricultural area

  • When the next reason occurs, owner of urban agricultural area can report to buy urban agricultural area at the current price for the cause, the mayor of constant requirements.
    • After day that passes in 30 years after was appointed in designated agricultural plot
    • When when it did not pass, main worker of agriculture died or trouble that could not farm produced 30 years          (we point to trouble to let you make that you engage in severe disorder and agriculture including hospitalization to need one year or more periods that cannot continue agriculture impossible with ※ "trouble")

The details of procedure look at this; flow of purchase proposal of urban agricultural area

Specific designated agricultural plot system

  • The taxation system special measures such as conventional inheritance tax, property tax are not applied to urban agricultural area by designation when it passes for 30 years.
  • Application procedure of "specific designated agricultural plot" is necessary to continue application.
  • It is necessary to undergo procedure of specific designated agricultural plot after the designation by progress for 30 years and cannot appoint identification designated agricultural plot after the progress for 30 years.

The details of procedure look at this; about specific designated agricultural plot

About overall system of urban agricultural areaEnvironmental Planning Bureau agricultural administration promotion sectionTEL: 045-671-2726
FAX: 045-664-4425

New city hall the 23rd floor
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About green leaves, Asahi, Kanagawa, Kohoku, Tsuzuki, Tsurumi, Hodogaya, procedure and management of urban agricultural area of each green wardNorthern agricultural administration officeTEL: 045-948-2479
FAX: 045-948-2488

Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis the fourth floor of the government building
Access to Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building

Of spring, Isogo, Kanazawa, Konan, Sakae, Seya, Tozuka about the west, procedure and management of urban agricultural area of each south wardSouthern agricultural administration officeTEL: 045-866-8492
FAX: 045-862-4351

Totsuka Ward synthesis the eighth floor of the government building
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