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Addition-designated flow of urban agricultural area

Last update date November 30, 2020

Because it is necessary to evaluate urban agricultural area in area district of city planning, we almost appoint more in Yokohama-shi in such a schedule.

Addition-designated flow
The middle of JanuaryAddition-designated temporary proposalReception desk of temporary proposal from farmland owner
From February to May

Field work,
Applicable examination to designated standard

We confirm whether it is farmland which is good in Yokohama-shi and agriculture committee,
We examine based on designated agricultural plot law and designated standard of Yokohama-shi

The end of MayAdoption, notice that is rejectedWe notify farmland owner of adoption, non-adoption from Yokohama-shi
The beginning of JuneReport; submission of documentsFarmland owner reports to Yokohama-shi, and, in response to notice of adoption, designated written consent is submitted book
JulyMaking of city planning change planWe report and receive submission of documents, and Yokohama-shi makes change plan of urban agricultural area
AugustDiscussion with KanagawaWe discuss about city planning change plan with Kanagawa
From September to OctoberLegal general inspectionGeneral inspection of city planning change plan. About general inspection period (two weeks), we make public in city bulletin
NovemberCouncil for city planning questionWe are consulted about change of urban agricultural area by council for Yokohama-shi city planning
DecemberDecision notification of city planning changeWe notify in city bulletin. We appoint as urban agricultural area from notification day
DecemberAnnouncement of designated agricultural plot designationWe notify from Yokohama-shi to farmland owner of notification content

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