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Addition-designated urban agricultural area; report provisionally; announcement of acceptance

Last update date November 30, 2020

Acceptance day <advance reservations system>

Of 2021 addition-designated; report provisionally, and accept (required advance reservations).

Report provisionally; acceptance day
The location of the ground which you wish to appointAcceptance day of temporary proposalReception desk placeInquiry, reservation application point

Green leaves, Asahi, Kanagawa,
Kohoku, Tsuzuki, Tsurumi,
Hodogaya, each green ward

Tuesday, January 12
Thursday, January 14
Monday, January 18
Wednesday, January 20

Environmental Planning Bureau
Agricultural administration promotion section
Northern agricultural administration office
(the Tsuzuki Ward   synthesis government building)
TEL: 045-948-2479
FAX: 045-948-2488

Spring, Isogo, Kanazawa,
Konan, Sakae, Seya,
Of Tozuka the west,
Each south ward

Wednesday, January 13
Friday, January 15
Tuesday, January 19
Thursday, January 21

Environmental Planning Bureau
Agricultural administration promotion section
Southern agricultural administration office
(the Totsuka Ward synthesis government building)
TEL: 045-866-8492
FAX: 045-862-4351

Please make a reservation beforehand by all means. In addition, please consult when convenience of schedule does not match.

Reception desk place

Environmental Planning Bureau agricultural administration promotion section (Yokohama City Hall new city hall the 23rd floor)
TEL: 045-671-2726
FAX: 045-664-4425

Target farmland

300 square meters in area in area designated for urbanization or more farmland which is cultivated well
(please refer for the details about farmland of group.)
In addition, there is condition. Please consult about any unclear points.

Required documents

Report; copying (thing within three months when proof enters) of register certified copy of the ground and public sectional map

After the reception desk of temporary proposal, we confirm the cultivation situation of farmland and examine whether you correspond to designated standard of city. When is adopted, is official in around the beginning of June; report, and please submit documents.

Prior consultation

About this designation, we accept consultation period of temporary proposal ago. You contact, and come.

Inquiry to this page

Environmental Planning Bureau Agricultural Administration Department agricultural administration promotion section

Telephone: 045-671-2726

Telephone: 045-671-2726

Fax: 045-664-4425

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