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Wide Area Cooperation Meeting on Green and Water Views of Tama and Miura Hills

Final update date June 9, 2021

Purpose of the "Tama-Miura Hills Green and Waterscape Wide Area Cooperation Conference"

Thirteen municipalities related to the Tama and Miura hills that traverse the Tokyo metropolitan area and the north and south cooperate, and based on the common understanding of important greenery and water views of the area as "green is a bridging hand", "in collaboration with citizens, companies, governments, etc. , To preserve, regenerate, create, and utilize wide-area greenery and water views. "

Meeting Members


Fumio Wakui, Special Professor of Tokyo City University

Participating municipalities

Yokohama City, Sagamihara City, Hachioji City, Hino City, Tama City, Inagi City, Machida City, Kawasaki City, Yokosuka City, Kamakura City, Zushi City, Hayama Town, Miura City (13 municipalities in no particular order)

Official Homepage

Official homepage of "Tama-Miura Hills Green and Waterscape Wide Area Cooperation Conference"

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