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Initiatives in Yokohama, an environmentally advanced city full of flowers and greenery in the city center of Shin-Yokohama

Rugby World Cup 2019 TM will be excited with flowers and greenery!

Final update date March 30, 2020

What is Yokohama's “Environmentally Advanced City full of flowers and greenery” in the city center of Shin-Yokohama?

From 2019 to 2020, the Rugby World Cup 2019 TM and the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be held at the Yokohama International Stadium. In the Shin-Yokohama city center area around the Yokohama International Stadium, which is visited by many people from Japan and abroad, in cooperation with related ward bureaus, we are developing initiatives to realize Yokohama, an "environmentally advanced city full of flowers and greenery."

The latest status of each initiative

Flowerbed, Flower Tower, Hanging Basket

During the Rugby World Cup, the following flowers and greenery are installed on the street tree planting zone, Shin-Yokohama Ekimae Park, and the pedestrian deck in front of Shin-Yokohama Station to create a gorgeousness.

  • 20 container flower beds inspired by participating teams
  • 21 container flower beds colored with flowers
  • 8 new brick flower beds
  • Eight existing brick flower beds
  • 8 Flower Towers
  • 108 hanging baskets directed in collaboration with Neighborhood Associations
  • 15 flower beds with hangings

Image of container flower bed with hanging
Container flower bed with hanging

Greening as in the region

The Shin-Yokohama Neighborhood Associations formed a “Shin-Yokohama Neighborhood Associations Garden City Shin-Yokohama Project Team. We worked on greening the walls of the Shin-Yokohama Square Building. Taking advantage of the high visibility of wall greening, it is the starting point for lively production.
In addition, container flower beds are set up on private land to create a green atmosphere throughout the city.

Image of wall greening
Greening of walls

Rain garden to collect and store rainwater

There are 11 different types of rain gardens (*) on Stadium Street, 2 on Shin-Yokohama Chuo Street, and 16 on F Marinos Street.

(*) A flower bed that draws rainwater around roads and sidewalks into flower beds, temporarily stores it, and infiltrates it over time.

Rain Garden Images
Rain Garden

Use of recycled water for watering flowers and greenery

We use sewage reclaimed water (*) for watering flowers and greenery in the area.

(*) Most of the sewage treatment water that was treated at the water regeneration center is discharged to the sea and rivers, but some are subjected to sand filtration and ozone treatment, etc. It is used for many purposes such as water.
The sewage recycled water used for watering is sterilized by ozone disinfection equipment after filtering sewage treatment water with sand to further remove invisible fine dirt.

Creating an environment where heat can be overcome

  • We carried out pruning such as arranging tree shapes and leaving many branches so that the shade of greenery increased. By creating a shade of wood, it blocks direct sunlight and aims to mitigate the heat.
  • In cooperation with the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism's demonstration experiment, a tunnel-type and bench-type heat mitigation facility has been installed at Shin-Yokohama Station Park.
  • The ground of the East Gate Bridge of the Yokohama International Stadium is shielded and paved to reduce the heat caused by reflection.

Images such as heat relief arches
Heat-reducing arches

LED lighting for Yokohama International Stadium

  • Competition lighting has been converted to LEDs to ensure the necessary illuminance according to the standards for the Rugby World Cup finals venue. As a result, it is possible to produce powerful lighting with a sense of reality integrated with sound.
  • It saves about 35% of energy compared to existing lighting.
  • The light-up lighting outside the site is full-color, and it can be turned on in various colors, and it can function as a local landmark that adds color to the city by producing seasonal effects.

A lively design manhole

  • We have replaced 30 sewer manholes on the sidewalk on Shin-Yokohama Chuo-dori and Arena-dori with design manholes for Rugby World Cup 2019 TM. The installation period is until early December.

Design Manhole Image
Design Manhole

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