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Citizen green space setting management plan authorization system

Final update date November 2, 2020

Summary of citizen green space setting plan authorization system

This is a system in which a person who installs and manages private land as a green space for the use of local residents creates an installation management plan, is certified by the mayor of a municipality, and installs, manages, and utilizes the green space for a certain period of time. (Articles 60-68 of the Urban Green Space Law)

To receive the certification of the citizen green space setting management plan certification system

Applicable and Conditions

Applicable and Conditions
Target area

Being in "greening important point district" in "basic plan of water and green".
(In Yokohama City, the entire city is designated as a "greening priority area.")

Land area More than 300 square meters.
Greening rate The area ratio of greening facilities to the area of land, etc. must be at least 20%.
Management period Must be managed for at least 5 years.

Application and Procedures

When you come to the counter for consultation, application, etc., please contact us in advance as much as possible.

  1. If you wish to apply, please submit the certification application (first style) with the necessary documents.
  2. After maintenance is completed, please submit situation report (fifth style).
  3. When you change citizen green tract of land setting authorization management plan which received authorization, please submit change application (third style).
  4. Please maintain and manage citizen's green space according to the certification plan.
※In some cases, we may issue an order for improvement or cancel the certification.

Major Documents Required for Application

Major Documents Required for Application
Certification Application Form Based on the style, please fill in and submit the name, location, land area, financial plan, etc.
neighborhood sketch It shows the location of the target area and the situation near it. Please make it and attach it to the application form.
Layout plan It shows the whole picture of the greening facility. Please make it and attach it to the application form.
Documents showing ownership of the target land and other titles of use Attach a copy of the land registry or land contract to the application form.

Land and other greening facilities
And area calculation table

It shows the basis for calculating the greening area. Please make it and attach it to the application form. Please fill in the calculated area map in the designated column of the application form.

Support Measures

Special measures for property tax
About taxation standard of property tax, city planning tax on land (limited to free loan and self-holding) of authorized citizen green tract of land which green corporation establishes by March 31, 2021 (Reiwa 3) One-half is reduced only for three years from the year when January 1 of the year following the day when the green space was set up belongs.
※Green corporation: An organization designated by the mayor as an NPO or a town development company other than a local government that promotes green space conservation and greening.

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