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Green Space Agreement

Outline of Green Space Agreement

Final update date April 28, 2020

What is a green space agreement?

 Based on the Urban Green Space Law, citizens (land owners, etc.) set an area by agreement of all the concerned parties in order to make each other's town a good environment, and agreements on green space conservation or greening And apply for approval to Yokohama City.

●Laws and regulations
Articles 45 to 54 of the Urban Green Space Law (Agreement)

●Type of Agreement
・One-person agreement: If there is only one landowner
In general, it is determined by a business operator after receiving approval from The Mayor of Yokohama before sale due to development, and will take effect if there are multiple landowners due to sale etc. within 3 years.
・All-agreement: If there are two or more landowners
Generally, an agreement concluded by the agreement of all landowners and others in the urban area where the community has already been formed.

●The merit of concluding a green space agreement
1. Because greening is carried out in a certain area as a whole, planned greening is planned and the level of the local environment and landscape is improved.
2. Since the Steering Committee of the agreement is created and everyone performs greening activities and management work, communication of residents will increase.
3. The green space agreement is approved by the city based on the law, so it can be maintained for a long time. In addition, a signboard will be installed to clarify the agreement area.
4. The establishment of a steering committee made up of the consent of the agreement will clarify the maintenance and management entity, and will facilitate greening activities.

※ The subsidy system of the Yokohama Greenery Association in the Green Space Agreement ended on March 31, 2020.

●Contents specified by the Green Space Agreement
1. Area of land to be the purpose of green space agreement (green space agreement area)
When development company applies for authorization of agreement before sale, we assume development area green tract of land agreement area.
2. Types of trees to be preserved or planted
Trees to be planted are, in principle, selected from trees that meet the Yokohama Green Space Agreement Guidance Standards.
3. Place to preserve or plant trees
As a general rule, the place to plant is the part of the site facing the road, the outer circumference, the main garden, etc.
4. Structure of fences or fences to be preserved or installed
As a general rule, hedge.
5. Effective period of Green Space Agreement
5 years or more and less than 30 years
6. Provisions for failure
Determine the content of recovery to its original state when cutting trees.
7. Establishment of Green Space Agreement Steering Committee
Create an agreement steering committee so that management activities can be carried out smoothly.

Procedure flow

1. All agreement
Reception → Public notice and inspection (2 weeks) → Approval review → Public notice of approval and inspection → Grant of approval
※About 2 months from receipt to approval
2. One-person agreement
Reception → Public notice of approval and inspection → Grant of approval
※About one month from receipt to approval
For details, please contact City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau Promotion Section for details.

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