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Radiation dose in park

Last update date May 15, 2019

The measurement contents

About park in the city, we measure radiation dose of park.

1 general space radiation dose (a)

In central place one spot of use of park including open space of each park, we measure space γ (gamma) dose of radioactivity of surface of the earth 50cm (and sometimes 1m).

Radiation dose (b) at point that may become 2 Mike Rothe pots

Among facilities in park, we measure γ (gamma) dose of radioactivity of surface of the earth 1cm and 50cm based on the use situation of child at place that may become Mike Rothe pot.

[example of the measurement point]

  • The playground equipment outskirts (bottoms of landing of playground equipment compound under sandbox, exit, swing of slide)
  • Compost depot
  • Places where rainwater is easy to collect on rainwater Masu on gutter

Public announcement of result of a measurement

Result of a measurement divides into radiation dose (b) at point that may become general space radiation dose (a) and Mike Rothe pot in park and adds up.

For each ward, we equal a i u e o order in Address.

Result of a measurement in park
The ward nameGeneral space radiation dose
It becomes Mike Rothe pot
Radiation dose (b) at point with possibility
TsurumiResult indication (PDF: 222KB)Result indication (PDF: 729KB)
KanagawaResult indication (PDF: 237KB)Result indication (PDF: 884KB)
The westResult indication (PDF: 87KB)Result indication (PDF: 155KB)
MediumResult indication (PDF: 100KB)Result indication (PDF: 198KB)
The southResult indication (PDF: 204KB)Result indication (PDF: 544KB)
KonanResult indication (PDF: 259KB)Result indication (PDF: 948KB)
HodogayaResult indication (PDF: 249KB)Result indication (PDF: 797KB)
AsahiResult indication (PDF: 274KB)Result indication (PDF: 1,049KB)
IsogoResult indication (PDF: 99KB)Result indication (PDF: 217KB)
KanazawaResult indication (PDF: 284KB)Result indication (PDF: 1,184KB)
KohokuResult indication (PDF: 201KB)Result indication (PDF: 785KB)
GreenResult indication (PDF: 225KB)Result indication (PDF: 799KB)
Green leavesResult indication (PDF: 116KB)Result indication (PDF: 285KB)
TsuzukiResult indication (PDF: 129KB)Result indication (PDF: 249KB)
TozukaResult indication (PDF: 295KB)Result indication (PDF: 1,039KB)
SakaeResult indication (PDF: 208KB)Result indication (PDF: 576KB)
SpringResult indication (PDF: 192KB)Result indication (PDF: 703KB)
SeyaResult indication (PDF: 175KB)Result indication (PDF: 535KB)

About "indication" of correspondence of radiation dose result of a measurement in Yokohama-shi

Indication of correspondence
Higher surface of the earthYokohama-shi
1mWe cope using 0.23μSv/h or more as an indication
(50cm)(we cope using 0.23μSv/h or more as an indication)
(when it is 0.23μSv/h or more, we measure even 1m)
1cmWe cope using 0.59μSv/h or more as an indication

About measuring instrument

Measuring instrument which we used for the measurement has following four kinds.

Generally, measurements of GM counter become higher than scintillation detector.

This depends on difference in mechanism of apparatus, and scintillation detector is sensitive to radiation of constant direction, and measurements tend to appear highly as GM counter is sensitive to lateral radiation dose.

A: TCS-172B (product made in Hitachi Aloka Medical Corporation)

Detector -NaI(TI) scintillation detector

B: Mr.Ganma-A2700 type (product made in clear pulse company)

Detector -CsI(TI) scintillation detector

C: PA-1000-Radi (product made in HORIBA Corporation)

Detector -CsI(TI) scintillation detector

D: RDS -30 (product made in million technology company)

Detector - energy compensation type GM counter

Radiation related information of Yokohama-shi

Page of Yokohama-shi radiation task force

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