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Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations terms example

Last update date April 16, 2019

As for these terms example, terms are made on Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations establishment newly and are reference example for revised time. As reference in case of the making of terms that local what's what had, please make use.
In addition, it is necessary to have you have contents in conformity with regulations of the law when juridical person by Local Government Act is acquired. For more details, please refer to ward office Regional Promotion Division.

Establishment ○○ age ○ moon ○ day
These days revision ○○ age ○ moon ○ day

Chapter 1 basic rule

(name and office)
Article 1 main meeting puts office to Yokohama-shi ○○ ward ○○ town ○ turn ○ issue under the pretense of ○○ meeting (we say "main meeting" as follows.).
(note) it can be said, "put office in chairperson's house.".

We do area of Article 2 main meeting with areas from Yokohama-shi ○○ ward ○○ town ○ turn ○ issue to ○ turn ○ issue.

Member of Article 3 main meeting constitutes having household having Address in area to fix for Article 2.
The enrollment and person whom we are going to resign from shall tell chairperson to 2 main meetings.
When 3 main meetings included report of the enrollment, you must not refuse this without sufficient reason.
When 4 members corresponded to one of each next issue, we should resign.
(1) When we do not have Address in area to fix for Article 2
(2) When there is report of withdrawal to fix for Article 3 Paragraph 2 from the person
When 5 members die or we received adjudication of disappearance, we lose the qualification.

Article 4 main meeting is intended to contribute to the formation of livable community by planning increase of the friendship between members and the welfare, and working on solution to local problem.

Article 5 main meeting performs the next business to achieve purpose of Article 4.
(1) Thing about the friendship between members
(2) Thing about environmental maintenance such as cleaning, beautification
(3) Disaster prevention, fire prevention, thing about road safety
(4) Contact between inhabitants, thing about public information
(5) ○Thing about maintenance of ○ hall
(6) ・・ ・ ...

Chapter 2 officer

(note), about officer, it is desirable to write down setting or number of people, role in terms. (when manager or group leader are installed depending on need such as scales of meeting, it is desirable to clarify in terms)

(classification of officer)
We employ the next officer for Article 6 main meeting.
(1) One chairperson
(2) Vice-chairperson ○ name
(3) Accounts ○ name
(4) ○○ manager ○ name
(5) Each one group leader group
(6) Inspector ○ name

(election of officer)
Article 7 chairperson, vice-chairperson, accounts and supervision elect from member in the general meeting.
Chairperson entrusts with 2 managers from member.
3 group leaders elect by mutual election from member of each group.
We cannot serve as 4 inspectors with chairperson, vice-chairperson and other officers.

(duties of officer)
Article 8 officer performs the next duties.
(1) Chairperson represents main meeting and generalizes kaimu.
(2) When chairperson has accident or when vice-chairperson assists chairperson, and chairperson was missing, we represent the duties.
(3) Accounts handle accountancy of main meeting.
(4) Manager shares kaimu in response to command of chairperson. (e.g.,: general affairs charge, spokesperson, environment maintenance charge, anti-crime program charge, road safety charge, welfare charge, the young people charge, hall charge)
(5) Group leader deals with contact adjustment with member.
(6) We inspect, and inspector reports accountancy of main meeting and the duties execution in regular general meeting every year. When we decide to report to general meeting when we discovered fact of irregularity about accountancy and the duties execution and admit that it is necessary for report, we request holding of extraordinary general meeting.

(term of officer)
For term of Article 9 officer, we assume ○ age. But we do not disturb the reappointment.
For term of officer appointed by 2 filling a vacancy, we assume zanninkikan of predecessor.

(dismissal of officer)
When it violated terms or when Article 10 officer did act to hurt honor of main meeting, we can dismiss by decision of general meeting.

Chapter 3 general meeting

(note) what set in terms definitely is desirable for general meeting so that question does not occur between members about requirements and attendant of the constitution and setting of voting right and establishment, the number of the decisions, the handling of proxy as the best decision maker in Neighborhood Association Neighborhood Associations.

(constitution of general meeting)
Article 11 general meeting constitutes having all members.

(classification of general meeting)
Article 12 general meeting assumes regular general meeting and extraordinary general meeting.
We hold 2 regular general meetings every year in ○ month.
When we admitted that chairperson needs 3 extraordinary general meeting, we hold when we show matter as purpose of meeting, and there was request and when there was request from inspector by regulations of Article 8 Paragraph 1 No. 6 from ○ higher than part of all members.

(call of general meeting)
Chairperson calls Article 13 general meeting.
When you call 2 general meetings, for member, you show purpose, contents, the date and time of meeting and place and must notify up to ○ day of meeting before.

(the deliberation matter of general meeting)
Article 14 general meeting discusses the next matter and votes.
(1) Matter about business plan and business report
(2) Matter about budget and financial statements
(3) Matter about election of officer and dismissal
(4) Matter about change of terms
(5) ・・ ・ ...
(6) Other important matters

(the chairperson of general meeting)
The chairperson of Article 15 general meeting appoints from member who attended at the general meeting.
(note) it can be said, "the chairperson of general meeting assumes chairperson.".

(quorum of general meeting)
We cannot hold Article 16 general meeting without attendance of a half or more of all members. But member who submitted proxy shall consider to be attendant.

(decision of general meeting)
We determine the proceedings of Article 17 general meeting with the majority of member who attended and, at the time of right or wrong same number, stop at place that the chairperson determines.

(the minutes of general meeting)
About the proceedings of Article 18 general meeting, you must make the minutes which listed the next matter.
(1) The date and time and place
(2) The present number of members and attendance (including member who submitted proxy)
(3) Held purpose, the deliberation matter and decision matter
(4) Summary of progress of the proceedings and, as a result
(5) ・・ ・ ...
In 2 minutes, you must do signature seal which is beyond minutes signatory ○ name appointed in the chairperson and the general meeting.

Chapter 4 officers' meeting

(constitution of officers' meeting)
Article 19 officers' meeting constitutes with officer (except inspector).

(call of officers' meeting)
When chairperson admitted that it is necessary, we call Article 20 officers' meeting.

(the deliberation matter of officers' meeting)
Chairperson becomes the chairperson, and Article 21 officers' meeting discusses the next matter and votes.
(1) Matter which you should discuss in general meeting
(2) Matter about the execution of matter voted for in the general meeting
(3) ・・ ・ ...
(4) Matter about the execution of kaimu which does not need decision of other general meetings

Chapter 5 accounts

We win expense of Article 22 main meeting with membership fee or other incomes.

(membership fee)
Membership fee of Article 23 main meeting assumes monthly basis ○ Japanese yen per one household.

(the fiscal year)
The fiscal year of Article 24 main meeting begins every year on April 1, and it is over on March 31 in the next year.

Chapter 6 minor regulations

Chairperson sets necessary matter after decision of general meeting or officers' meeting other than thing to fix for this Article 25 terms particularly.

Supplementary provisions

These terms take effect on ○○ age ○ moon ○ day.

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