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Reservation service

Last update date December 18, 2020

When bookshelf does not have book you like, please use reservation service

We order book in other City Library and can borrow. We can order book which we do not possess in City Library from Kanagawa Pref.Library.
Application for reservation is possible to six one.

That can be reserved

Person who lives in Yokohama-shi having library card, or goes to work, and goes to school

Application method

From search machine for user in PC of home or hall

Registration of password is necessary beforehand.
Registration of password needs, library card number, the date of birth, Phone number. Person without registration of the date of birth, Phone number cannot do password registration.
Please see method of password registration and login in detail.

About common question "Internet reservation"

At telephone or window

During opening time, we register at telephone and window.
On application, we ask about either of Address, Phone number, the date of birth for library card number and the name, identity verification on the telephone.
You fill out reservation application in library on application at window, and give with library card.
About common question "reservation of book"

Confirmation method of book which made a reservation

When book which made a reservation was ready, I will inform person whom e-mail address was registered with by E-mail.
Please confirm whether reservation book can prepare for other person by the following method by yourself.

Precaution when he/she makes a reservation

  • Book (including magazine) which has not been published yet cannot be reserved.
  • The latest issue of magazine can be reserved from the reception desk start date.
  • The reception desk start date is the day of "the rental start date" to be written on bar code before magazine. When search by the Internet, the reception desk start date is displayed when we search applicable issue after logging in.
  • "Library receiving information" which is displayed when we make a reservation is library which issued library card first with search machine for person of Internet, in-hotel use (except touch panel). When you want to change, please report over library window or telephone.
  • Book which made a reservation handles daily share in a mass. Please visit after confirming that we can prepare by all means.
  • During hold period of book that reservation was ready, it is seven days from day when we confirmed that we were ready. We ask you to confirm early. In addition, please contact receipt library when the book becomes needless. For effective book offer, I would like cooperation.
  • When return of book is late, we cannot apply for thing and reservation to ask for book for newly.

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