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Yokohama downtown area function instruction district building code

Last update date July 17, 2020

What's New

  • It revised the downtown area function instruction regulations. With this, part of downtown area function instruction regulations and commentary revised, too. (R1.6.14)


 Housing estates increase rapidly, and the residence population increases while the work force decreases in severe environment surrounding duties, commerce in the downtown area of Motoichi. In this way, balance of the work force and the residence population collapses, and the downtown area functions such as duties, commerce decrease.
 Based on this current situation, we installed "the way Exploratory Committee of the downtown area function in the Yokohama downtown area" by people of learning and experience in 2004 and examined the way of the downtown area function. Based on proposal from this committee, we established the regulations based on Building Standard Act Article 49 and Article 50 to limit use and floor area ratio of building in the downtown area for the purpose of deriving building having function appropriate for the downtown area.
 In addition, regulations of these regulations are applied in "Yokohama downtown area function instruction district" to set as specific use district prescribed in Town Planning and Zoning Act Article 8.

The regulations

About revision

 It revised the regulations on June 14, 2019. With this, part of article by article commentary revised on the same day, too. (it takes all effect on June 14, 2019)

About permission of floor area ratio relaxation such as houses when we established instruction use

 In quotient house coexistence district, there is permission system such as relaxing floor area ratio restrictions such as houses (300%) when we add instruction use to houses.
 About concrete permission standard, please see "Yokohama-shi city area environmental design system" << mild standard in the fourth particular area >> << Chapter 1 Yokohama downtown area function instruction district >>.

Other related systems

 About relaxation of floor area ratio restrictions by width of front road

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