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Yokohama-shi cliff-related small building technology guideline

Last update date April 1, 2019

Yokohama-shi cliff-related small building technology guideline - cliff first volume ―


  • Copyright of this guideline belongs all to Yokohama-shi.
  • We do not perform distribution in paper medium of this guideline. Thank you for your understanding.
  • We cannot distribute this indicator the second such as commercial purposes. Person thinking of charged distribution, please contact at the following.
  • We can read this guideline with PDF file for each following item. In addition, we can read even Word file about 1 of material, 2 and 7.
  • This guideline showed technical ways of thinking to have you push that forward as safe thing when we planned small buildings such as houses on the cliff and did not show standards of examination in building certification application. (reference materials)

The text, commentary

The whole book lump (PDF: 4,505KB)

Cover - table of contents (PDF: 143KB)
At the beginning Chapter 1 coverage, purpose (PDF: 532KB)
The Chapter 2 ground investigation (PDF: 746KB)
The risk and measures (PDF: 334KB) of Chapter 3 cliff
Basic way of thinking (PDF: 267KB) when we stand and move Chapter 4 foundations
Chapter 5 directly by the basics stand, and lower (PDF: 303KB)
By Chapter 6 pile foundation stand, and lower (PDF: 600KB)
By Chapter 7 ground improvement [*sokongotokorikoho] stand, and lower (PDF: 382KB)
By Chapter 8 ground improvement [the depths mixture processing construction method] stand, and lower (PDF: 711KB)
Drainage processing (PDF: 226KB) in Chapter 9 site


1 "cliff, retaining wall questionnaire" and "existing retaining wall appearance check sheet" (PDF: 645KB) Word file (word: 748KB)
2 "construction plan (by - pile foundation stand fall -) based on Building Standard Act Article 12 Paragraph 5" (PDF: 125KB) Word file (word: 116KB)
3 "wooden house standard weight list" and "wooden house standard weight list calculation grounds" (PDF: 196KB)
4 "cliff side parallelism type stand fall basics standard figure" (PDF: 538KB)
"Stand, and lower by 5 cliff side parallel type; way of thinking (PDF: 154KB) when use basics standard figure" and "wooden house standard weight list"
6 "rotary press fit small diameter steel tube stake stake distance list" (PDF: 159KB)
7 "basics stand fall-related construction control, construction construction situation (attachment) report" (PDF: 47KB) Word file (word: 44KB)

Correction of errors and file modified progress

Errata and file correction progress catalog (PDF: 50KB)

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