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Yokohama-shi housing repair emergency support project ※New applications have been closed (March 10)

Typhoon No. 15 in 2019 is a very strong typhoon with a maximum instantaneous wind speed of more than 50m / s. The roof was scattered in the city, and a considerable number of houses were partially or partially damaged by the wind. From this, for the purpose of rebuilding the lives of the affected people and improving the safety of the houses, we will start an emergency support project to assist in repair work that contributes to improving earthquake resistance, etc., for partially or partially damaged houses. You. In this way, along with "survivors Support System, which covers houses that have been completely destroyed, large-scale partially destroyed, or partially destroyed (limited to those that have been dismantled), provides seamless support to households damaged by the typhoon. I will do it.

Final update date March 10, 2020

Yokohama-shi house repair emergency support project handbill

Please be careful
  • Beware of unscrupulous commercial law and fraud aimed at survivors is In this project, there is no direct dispatch of construction companies to survivors. Please be careful about malicious companies using tricks such as "we were dispatched from city", "we can construct for 0 yen because we are targeted for subsidy".
  • The purpose of this project is to provide support to those whose houses have been damaged by Typhoon No. 15. Therefore, please note that only the target construction based on this support system will not ensure sufficient safety against earthquakes.


  • Partially damagedaffliction certificateOwner of the house where (Risaishomeisho) was issued

※For houses that always live, vacant houses, villas, second houses, etc. are not eligible.

※If you have a certificate of affliction that does not indicate "half-broken" or "partially damaged", please contact the issuing fire department.

  • Those who cannot repair their homes with their own resources

※We confirm by "application form to affect resources" (style second). Those who can cover all with fire insurance are not eligible.

Subject construction

  • Started after September 9, 2019 (those that have already completed construction are also eligible)
  • Repair work (* 3) that contributes to improving earthquake resistance for damaged roofs (* 1) or outer walls (* 2)

※1 Replacement of roofing materials (including ridges, gables, and eaves) and related works are eligible, but construction of only rain gutters is not eligible.

※2 Repairs to structural members such as structural plywood and damaged columns along with repair of outer walls are applicable. Balcony is not included.

※3 Confirm by "Repair confirmation that contributes to improvement of earthquake resistance" (certification by architect or contractor is required)

  • Expenses required for repair work to be subsidized are 100,000 yen or more (tax included)
Examples of subsidized construction
Site Example of construction to be subsidized
Roof ○Repair of damaged roof (including full renovation related to partial damaged roof repair)
○Repair of roofing materials (replacement, reloading, change of type are also possible)
○Repair by cover method
○Repair of the building
○Repair of gable plates and blindfolds
○Repair of the back of the eaves
○Balcony floor repair that also serves as a roof
Exterior walls ○Repair of bracing and structural surface materials
○Repair of main parts in structural strength such as columns and foundations

For other details, please refer to "Examples of subsidized construction (PDF: 972KB)".

Subsidized amount

  • 20% of subsidized construction costs (up to 300,000 yen)

※The upper limit does not change even for a two-family house. The upper limit for 1 house is 300,000 yen.

How to apply

  • Please bring your required documents from December 20, 2019 (Friday) to March 10, 2020 (Tuesday) and bring it to the "Application Desk".
  • In principle, mailing is not possible, but please contact us if you are not convenient.

Application flow

required documents

(1)Subsidy grant application
Document Name Remarks

Subsidy grant application (style first) (word: 22KB)

Please refer to the description example.
□Application form pertaining to resources (Form No. 2) (word: 23KB) Please refer to the description example.
□Color photograph (before repair work) Please attach thing which understands the damage situation of part targeted for assistance (arbitrary style, color printing is possible)
□Repair work execution plan (style third) (Excel: 27KB) Ask a contractor to make it. The quote is divided into "when only the subsidized construction cost is used" and "when the non-subsidized construction cost is included".
□Repair confirmation (style fourth) contributing to improvement of earthquake resistance (word: 20KB) Ask a contractor to make it.
□Copy of Estimate Forms such as construction contractors are acceptable.
□Copy of affliction certificate If you do not have one, please contact the fire department (PDF: 199KB) in the ward where the house is located.
□Power of Attorney (reference style) (word: 18KB) In the case of proxy application, please attach it.

Please refer to the description example (set of subsidy grant application) (PDF: 458KB) when making subsidy grant applications.

Please bring the original documents other than those with "copy". (Prints are not allowed for sealese

(2)Performance Report
Document Name Remarks
□Results report (style eleventh) (word: 21KB) Please refer to the description example.
□Copy of receipt Ask a contractor to make it.
□Color photograph (after completion of repair work) The construction completion status of the subsidized part is known.

Please refer to the description example (result report set) (PDF: 329KB) when creating the performance report.
Please bring the original documents other than those with "copy". (Prints are not allowed for sealese

(3)Subsidy grant bill
Document Name Remarks
□Subsidy grant bill (style 13th) (word: 21KB)

Please refer to the description example (PDF: 273KB). Be careful not to make mistakes.

(4)Other documents
Document Name Remarks
Target judgment checklist (PDF: 234KB) <For applicants> Simply determine whether or not this project is eligible.
Subsidy plan change application (style eighth) (word: 20KB) When construction cost targeted for assistance increases after receiving notice of grant decision or when contents of construction targeted for assistance change occur.
Notification of withdrawal (Form No. 10) (word: 20KB) When we are going to cancel repair work after receiving notice of grant decision
Purchase deduction tax report (Form No. 16) (word: 21KB) When the grant decision-maker (including those who have received the amount confirmation letter) is a taxpayer for this subsidy project

Yokohama-shi house repair emergency support project subsidy grant summary

Q & A for Applicants (Frequently Asked Questions)

Application window

City of Yokohama, Housing and Architecture Bureau Housing Policy Division
Address: 10 at 6-50 Honmachi, Naka-ku, Yokohama
※Relocated to the above address from June 22, 2020.

Telephone: 045-671-29222
Email: [email protected]

Reception hours

Weekdays 9-12: 00, 13-16: 00 (advance reservation is not required)
※The documents will be checked at the time of reception, so please come with plenty of time.

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Kanagawa Prefecture has also implemented a similar subsidy system. (For municipalities excluding government-designated cities)

Click here for a support system for houses that have been completely destroyed, large-scale partially destroyed, or partially destroyed (limited to those dismantled).

Please refer to fire department for affliction certificate.

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Telephone: 045-671-29222

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