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Information on consultation desks for vacant houses

Depending on your worries about vacant houses below according to your concerns.

Final update date April 9, 2021

Person who owns and manages vacant houses is owned and managed

We accept general consultations on vacant houses by phone or at the counter. The cost is free, so please call me first.
If you need specialized consultation, we will introduce an appropriate expert organization.

General Information Desk in vacant houses
Phone numberReception hoursLocationOperations

Regular holidays are New Year's holidays and holidays at Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) holidays.

Sogo Dept. Store (Shin-Toshi Hall) Yokohama Store 9th floor citizen floor
I live in
2-18-1, Takashima, Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi

Yokohama City Housing Supply Corporation

If the content of the consultation is clear, you can also consult directly with the consultation desk of the expert organization.
Consultation contents that can be received free of charge vary depending on each group, so please check when making inquiries.
In addition, each group concludes agreement about measures such as Yokohama-shi and vacant houses Prefectures
List of consultation counters (PDF: 885KB)
Agreement (PDF: 400KB)

Those who are in trouble in nearbyvacant houses

Please consult with the department in charge of the ward office according to the content of the consultation.
For unmanaged vacant houses City, which is unmanaged, investigates the owners and managers, and works on voluntary improvement.

Ward Office Consultation Service
Consultation detailsDepartment in charge
Thing about buildingWard Administration Promotion Division, a ward office with vacant houses
Thing about firevacant houses fire department in a ward office
Thing about anti-crime programRegional Promotion Division, a ward office with vacant houses
Thing about garbageRegional Promotion Division, a ward office with vacant houses
Thing about sanitary pestsHealth Sanitation Division, a ward office with vacant houses
Overgrowth of trees on the road sidePublic Works Office, a ward office with vacant houses
Trees growing on the neighboring land sideWard Administration Promotion Division, a ward office with vacant houses

About brochures about vacant houses Bro

This pamphlet contains information about consultation desks and related systems. It is distributed to each ward office and city hall citizen information room.
vacant houses's Story (PDF: 590KB)

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Telephone: 045-671-3975

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