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Environmental activity support center

Last update date April 28, 2020

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●Environmental environmental support center interchange space is not available under the influence of new coronavirus until Sunday, May 31, 2020.
"Spring forest walk is natural leisurely, and let's be relaxed in families" which planned holding on May 16 cancels for the new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention.
●It recruits participants of "agriculture experience course to learn in families in 2020"! (2020/4/1) 
●We updated homepage of "environmental activity support center link"!
●We started offer of student of "agricultural college course civic in 2020"! [we finished offer]

●We updated homepage of "2020 challenge Farmer support project"! [we finished offer]

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Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion part environment activity support center

Telephone: 045-711-0635

Telephone: 045-711-0635

Fax: 045-721-6356

E-Mail address [email protected]

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