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Last update date January 30, 2019

Summary of environmental activity support center

There is environmental activity support center in environment where green united with elementary school student amusement park, child botanical garden, the Commonwealth of Nations graveyard located at the center is approximately rich in of Yokohama. Our center started as Yokohama-shi tree planting center in (1971) in 1971 and did farming technique, tree planting technical guidance with main duties at first and was got close to citizen's. Afterwards, we changed name to "agriculture and green contact center" in (2000) April in 2000 and performed review of duties by station reorganization of (2005) April in 2005, and it was in current "environment activity support center".
In environmental activity support center, we push forward business to support civic environmental activity mainly on personnel training in the field of green (forest, park, agriculture). We sent information of forest in (2014) April in 2014 and added "interchange space" that reported charm of forest to the main building.
It is got close as walk course that is full of green, and the garden has herb garden and ho ground for various courses.

Summary of facility
Opening timeOffice is from 8:30 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and New Year holidays to 17:15
Interchange space is from 9:00 except New Year holidays to 17:00
Main facilityEnvironmental activity support center Main Building, interchange space, vegetables greenhouse, flower greenhouse
ho ground, training exhibit space, herb garden others
The location〒240-0025
213, Karibacho, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
AreaElementary school student amusement park about 14ha
(house, environmental activity support center about 6ha)
BrochureWe can print from (PDF: 926KB) (the outside site)
※I hand this brochure in office

Main business of environmental activity support center

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Environmental Planning Bureau green up promotion part environment activity support center

Telephone: 045-711-0635

Telephone: 045-711-0635

Fax: 045-721-6356

E-Mail address [email protected]

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