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Patent, design

Last update date January 31, 2020

Patent, design of the sewer business

We introduce patent acquiring by the sewer business of Yokohama-shi and design.

List of patent, designs
Classification Title of invention Patent No. Joint applicant Application date Registration day Summary
Patent Waterway constitution method in duct line and waterway constitution material Patent 3924492 kubotakemikkusu April 15, 2002 March 2, 2007 Waterway constitution method and pipe diameter that are low-cost, and can form new waterway having predetermined incline in duct lines such as new sewage pipe or timeworn sewage pipe in operation efficiently are waterway constitution material which can constitute new establishment waterway to small duct line efficiently and waterway constitution methods using this.
Patent Redevelopment design system of existing pipe and redevelopment design method Patent 4203360 None June 2, 2003 October 17, 2008 It is redevelopment design system of existing pipe which can easily put up redevelopment plan of existing pipe precisely and efficiently and redevelopment design method without needing experience, knowledge, skill without applying useless cost, time, labor.
Patent Redevelopment policy automatic judgment database system of existing pipe based on evaluation result of existing states in the jurisdiction Patent 4220566 None June 2, 2003 November 21, 2008 We just input objective matter without doing subjective judgment based on knowledge and experience and perception and are system which can design high redevelopment policy of precision.
Patent Rainwater Masu lid Patent 5724079 Hinode Channel apparatus June 8, 2012 April 10, 2015 It includes superior rainwater inflow characteristics and is rainwater Masu lid which can perform inflow of rainwater effectively even if fallen leaves flow with rainwater.
Patent Countercurrent prevention device for structure under the ground

Patent 6581415

Asahi inobekkusu
Hinode Channel apparatus

July 22, 2015 September 6, 2019 It is device for structure preventing countercurrent damage by tsunami from outlets of the sewer under the ground. Using structure that by using approximately rectangular flexibility elasticity board as material, is complicated, and is special is not necessary, and is high device of versatility that can install in various points of sewer jurisdiction.
Design Sulcular cover Registration of a design 1457141
Registration of a design 1457483
Registration of a design 1457484
Hinode Channel apparatus June 8, 2012 November 9, 2012 It is design to correspond to patent 5724079.

The details of patent and design look at "patent information platform" (the outside site).

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