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Collaborative investigation with private enterprises

Last update date April 5, 2019

Because we put advanced technology which private enterprise or public research organization hold or technical knowledge or facility which information and Yokohama-shi hold together in Yokohama-shi, and product, study, bureaucrats promotes study, technology development that were rich in novelty which cooperated positively, we collaborate.

Collaborative type

We classify collaborative investigation in three kinds by contents, form.

Open call for participants type collaborative investigation (not inviting public participation now.)

Yokohama-shi invites public participation for collaborative investigation to utilize advanced technology or information that private enterprises have about problems that solution is required early and says investigation, study that Yokohama-shi and private enterprise perform with appropriate responsibility and burden and experiment with "open call for participants type collaborative investigation".

Suggestion type collaborative investigation

We say investigation, study that joint, Yokohama-shi and private enterprise perform and experiment to suggestion of study by special technique from private enterprises in accordance with administrative purpose of Yokohama-shi with "suggestion type collaborative investigation". In addition, direct expense about study is charged to private enterprises.

Voluntary study

Private enterprises use facility of Yokohama-shi and data to hold and, with the cooperation of Yokohama-shi, say investigation, study to perform by responsibility and burden on private enterprises voluntarily and experiment with "independence study".

Summary, application



Please consult about suggestion type collaborative investigation individually to contact information of "inquiry to this page" below.

Past study

Open call for participants type collaborative investigation
Study name The conduct year Coworker
It is studied becoming and utilization of highly-concentrated CO2 high quality of digestion gas 2005 TSUKISHIMA KIKAI Co., Ltd.
It is studied becoming and utilization of highly-concentrated CO2 high quality of digestion gas 2005 Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.

Suggestion type collaborative investigation
Study name The conduct year Coworker
Collaborative investigation about phosphorus collection from destruction by fire ash and destruction by fire ash detoxification system 2010-2012 METAWATER
Collaborative investigation about "high-speed nitrogen disposal of sludge dewatering separation liquids by anaerobic ammonia oxidation" 2010-2014 MEIDENSHA Corporation
Collaborative investigation about "the refinement of sewage sludge digestion gas by film separation method" 2013-2018 TOKYO GAS Co., Ltd.
Collaborative investigation about application of innovative investigation technology for the inside large-diameter duct lines Under 2016 - continuation Nihon Suido Consultants Co., Ltd., blue innovation (to H29), cloud field firm (from H30), Yokohama National University
Healthy collaborative investigation about degree diagnosis, reconstruction technology of electric equipment in sewage disposal plants 2016-2017 The sewer new technology mechanism in Japan
Collaborative investigation about practical use of aerobic volume ratio control technology Under 2018 - continuation TOSHIBA infrastructure systems

Voluntary study (only after 2016)
Study name The conduct year Researcher
Study on "application examination to the sewerage treatment facility of biomass electricity production engineering using graphene - oxidation graphene reduction microorganism complex" (3) 2016 Nagoya Institute of Technology, Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.
Voluntary study on deterioration prediction utilizing IoT 2016-2017 Japan Sewage Works Agency, JFE Engineering Corporation
Voluntary study on management technique development of facilities 2016 CHIYODA Corporation
Voluntary study about development of energy-saving model water processing system by no aeration circulation-style water processing technique Under 2018 - continuation Japan Sewage Works Agency, METAWATER Co., Ltd.
Voluntary study on influence on paintwork by hydrogen sulfide revelation of steel tube inside paint for the sewer Under 2018 - continuation Association of Nihon Suido steel tube
Voluntary study on collection of unused energy utilizing existing waterway in water reproduction center Under 2018 - continuation THK Co., Ltd.

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