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Inland waters hazard map

Last update date September 3, 2020

With inland waters hazard map

It is map which gathered up various information such as area where the inundation from sewage trachea and waterway is assumed at the time of heavy rain or depth to be flooded.
This map has improvement of smooth evacuation action for the inundation and disaster prevention awareness after normal conjugate.

Please refer to the following "PR materials" "commentary video" for commentaries such as explanation and inflection methods of map.
"We utilize the inundation (inland waters, flood) hazard map, and let's prepare for heavy rain" PR material ⇒ (PDF: 835KB)
Commentary video ⇒○ inland waters hazard map explanation video (the outside site) (the outside site) (link to Youtube.)
※Inland waters: Sewage trachea and waterway become full of heavy rains, and manhole and rainwater masunadokara water overflow
※Flood: It has been raining heavily, and water level of river rises, and water of river overflow as thing and dike more than dikes collapse.

Reading of inland waters hazard map

Request on using

Case and detailed drawing to search from Address,
Please utilize "Yokohama-shi administration map reporting system (you map disaster prevention noisily)" (the outside site).
・Residential land which is lower than roads of basement, basement parking area has the risk that rainwater gets into regardless of degree of the inundation.
・Area and flood depth to be flooded by strength and way of going down rain may be different from assumption.
・The inundation assumption of inland waters hazard map reflects the maintenance situation such as river or the sewer of the end of 2010 and makes.
・How to use inundation hazard map and the everyday preparation are listed in information side. At the same time, please see.

To all of the housing land and building dealers

By some revisions (the August 28, 2020 enforcement) of the residential land building transactions business method enforcement regulations, residential land ⼜ for business in flood hazard map made based on Flood Control Law will place the location of building newly as item of important matter explanation.

Inland waters hazard map of Yokohama-shi is not based on Flood Control Law, but would appreciate your giving information at the location of target residential land and building of the business concerned so that we show this inland waters hazard map in the case of business of residential land or building, and the other party of business grasps flood risk and is usually made use for evacuation actions to heavy rain.

Downloading of the inundation (inland waters, flood) hazard map (PDF)

・Tsurumi Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Minami Ward, Konan Ward, Hodogaya-ku, Asahi Ward, Isogo Ward, Kohoku Ward, Midori Ward, Aoba Ward, Tsuzuki Ward  , Totsuka Ward
 Flood hazard map of Sakae Ward, Izumi Ward, Seya Ward is updated after the Flood Control Law revision of 2015 sequentially.
 The latest edition, please identify page of flood hazard map.

The inundation (inland waters, flood) hazard map (PDF)
The administrative section nameMap sideMap side (light weight)Information side
Tsurumi WardMap side (PDF: 7,889KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,667KB)Information side (PDF: 8,923KB)
Kanagawa WardMap side (PDF: 15,654KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,083KB)Information side (PDF: 10,201KB)
Nishi WardMap side (PDF: 11,197KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,177KB)Information side (PDF: 10,224KB)
Naka WardMap side (PDF: 3,372KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 1,780KB)Information side (PDF: 7,426KB)
Minami WardMap side (PDF: 10,759KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,755KB)Information side (PDF: 9,436KB)
Konan WardMap side (PDF: 16,284KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,948KB)Information side (PDF: 9,470KB)
Hodogaya-kuMap side (PDF: 16,440KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,447KB)Information side (PDF: 10,234KB)
Asahi WardMap side (PDF: 18,653KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,369KB)Information side (PDF: 10,225KB)
Isogo WardMap side (PDF: 12,650KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,734KB)Information side (PDF: 9,457KB)
Kanazawa WardMap side (PDF: 10,034KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,266KB)Information side (PDF: 9,443KB)
Kohoku WardMap side (PDF: 12,708KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,298KB)Information side (PDF: 8,907KB)
Midori WardMap side (PDF: 16,008KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,198KB)Information side (PDF: 10,199KB)
Aoba WardMap side (PDF: 13,887KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,262KB)Information side (PDF: 10,200KB)
Tsuzuki Ward  Map side (PDF: 17,033KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 3,376KB)Information side (PDF: 10,219KB)
Totsuka WardMap side (PDF: 12,258KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,926KB)Information side (PDF: 9,461KB)
Sakae WardMap side (PDF: 7,950KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,454KB)Information side (PDF: 9,437KB)
Izumi WardMap side (PDF: 8,349KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 2,558KB)Information side (PDF: 9,455KB)
Seya WardMap side (PDF: 7,926KB)Map side (light weight) (PDF: 7,107KB)Information side (PDF: 9,466KB)

※In applicable ward office, the third floor of the city hall citizen information center, we distribute map of paper.


Disaster of Yokohama-shi
(we can confirm flood histories here)
FAQs (PDF: 209KB)

※Homepage address of information side mention includes correction.
  For more details, please see errata. (PDF: 318KB)

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