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Information for manhole restroom setting subsidy program

We perform the setting furtherance of manhole restroom for disaster prevention organization of town to secure comfortable restroom environment in hatsuwazawaiji. Please contact the following contact information if you have any questions on using subsidy program.

Last update date January 19, 2021

Application reception desk period

From Monday, November 2, 2020 Friday, March 5, 2021 (must arrive)
But we will finish acceptance of application when it reached the upper limit of budget. When we accept and were finished, we publicize in HP.

The furtherance amount of money

With less than nine-tenths of expense required for setting of manhole restroom, it is upper limit 300,000 yen.
But, in expenses required for setting of "the upper part structure" and "rainwater retention tank", setting costs and the postage do not become a target of the furtherance.
In addition, about "the upper part structure" and "rainwater retention tank", only one engine becomes a target of the furtherance because of 1 building.

Grant calculation example

To the upper part structure purchase costs to 50,000 yen, the lower part structure construction cost to the 200,000 yen, rainwater retention tank and accessories purchase costs in the case of estimate of 30,000 yen
A total of 280,000 yen X 0.9 = 252,000 yen (the furtherance amount of money)
But setting costs and the postage are targeted for the furtherance, and they do not include.

The furtherance eligible people

Organization receiving grant of disaster prevention organization activity costs subsidy of town, disaster prevention organization of apartment
※We do not accept application in individuals.
※We do not accept application from commercial facilities.

It is targeted for the furtherance

  • The upper part structure (it is said with accessories necessary for panel to install on filthy water masuno or tent, toilet and setting)
  • The lower part structure (connection masu where is existing with filthy water from the upper part structure or drainage pipe necessary to remove to drainage and filthy water masuoiu)
  • Rainwater retention tank (accessories necessary for things, setting 200 liters in capacity or more)

※ninarumasuha targeted for the furtherance of manhole restroom setting, filthy water masutonarimasu in residential land.
※About application only for rainwater retention tank, the furtherance in this system becomes not intended. When rainwater retention tank is applied only for, please confirm "information for Yokohama-shi rainwater retention tank setting subsidy program".


After the upper part structure assembling (in the left rainwater tank)

It is before the upper part structure assembling

Application method

Or please mail bringing to application (the first style) with attached documents after filling out required items to the following application. We cannot accept by FAX.


6-50-10, Honcho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi
The City of Yokohama, Environmental Planning Bureau duct line Maintenance Section sewer spread charge
※To ward office cannot apply. Please apply until the above by all means.

Setting completion report submission date

Friday, March 19, 2021
When you cannot submit "setting completion report" by the date mentioned above after having received grant decision, we cancel grant decision. Thank you for your understanding.

Flow of procedure

Flows of procedure are different whether you receive the furtherance of the lower part structure.
For more details, please see the following.
When we receive the furtherance of the lower part structure (PDF: 154KB)
When we do not receive the furtherance of the lower part structure (PDF: 138KB)


  • Application is necessary before the purchase. After the application, we examine in Yokohama-shi and will send setting approval notification. After accepting setting approval notification, please start the purchase, construction. Prior construction is out of the furtherance the prior purchase.
  • When we cannot install by deadline for setting, the furtherance becomes not intended.
  • After having had you submit setting completion report, we perform on-site confirmation.
  • When we use this system for subsidy when we are applied in organization receiving grant of "disaster prevention organization activity costs subsidy of town" (the following subsidy) from ward office, about nine-tenths of expense to need for setting of manhole restroom supporting from our section, the use of subsidy becomes impossible. But, about a one-tenth of the remainder, the use of subsidy is possible.
  • Please do not install on place (personal houses), the road which only the park and authorized individual use.
  • When you have you mail when we have you submit applications or when documents include defects, please note that the postage has you bear by each person.


Yokohama-shi manhole restroom setting application (the first style)

Yokohama-shi manhole restroom setting change application (No. 3 style)

Yokohama-shi manhole restroom setting monkey receipt lower notice (No. 6 style)

Construction start notice (No. 7 style)

Yokohama-shi manhole restroom setting completion report and subsidization application (No. 8 style)


About sewage direct connection-type temporary toilet

About temporary toilet (hamakkotoire) connected directly with the public sewer stimulating maintenance in evacuation shelter, please see this.

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