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Dioxin findings in the soil

Last update date January 24, 2020

We carry out environmental research about dioxin in the soil in Yokohama-shi.
We divided the Yokohama city in mesh of 1km in 2004 from 2000 and investigated each mesh (all city limits 340 mesh: point) for five years, and, in 2005, comparative density investigated high points in previous findings.
We divide all city limits into 10 districts after 2006 and we choose one spot from each district and investigate.

Investigation method

Investigation point chose among park, Buddhist temple and Shinto shrine, school which had the nude ground of constant area suitable for material collection and analyzed according to "the soil investigation measurement manual (Ministry of the Environment: in March, 2009 revision) which modified dioxin".


2019 findings

Past findings

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