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Specific medical checkup conduct organization

Last update date December 18, 2020

Please utilize specific medical checkup, identification health instruction for the prevention and early detection of lifestyle-related diseases.

Specific medical checkup conduct organization table (as of October 1, 2020)

Tsurumi Ward (PDF: 307KB)
Kanagawa Ward (PDF: 308KB)
※(medicine) daimegumikaijimmegumibyoin was not listed in list of conduct organizations of consultation ticket enclosure, but is conduct organization of specific medical checkup. We apologize and correct.
Nishi Ward (PDF: 207KB)
Naka Ward (PDF: 308KB)
Minami Ward (PDF: 227KB)
Konan Ward (PDF: 294KB)
Hodogaya Ward (PDF: 272KB)
Asahi Ward (PDF: 136KB)
Isogo Ward (PDF: 267KB)
Kanazawa Ward (PDF: 247KB)
Kohoku Ward (PDF: 315KB)
Midori Ward (PDF: 212KB)
Aoba Ward (PDF: 280KB)
Tsuzuki Ward   (PDF: 236KB)
Izumi Ward (PDF: 263KB)
Sakae Ward (PDF: 240KB)
Totsuka Ward (PDF: 252KB)
Seya Ward (PDF: 199KB)

  • The details item which we carry out: We carry out item listing.
  • About Saturday and Sunday conduct: When time lists, we carry out.

Other than list of each distinction mentioned above, we appoint condition with (link to Yokohama-shi Medical Association homepage) (the outside site) by yourself and can have you search.
※Please note that you place only information grasping with external link.
In addition, (link to cancer screening conduct medical institution), please confirm the latest information about cancer screening conduct in addition, too.

About specific medical checkup

  • If it is conduct organization in the city, we can receive specific medical checkup (specific medical examination) any place other than the township.
  • Reception desk method of specific medical examination, conduct day vary according to conduct organizations. Please have a medical examination after checking over telephones beforehand in specific medical examination conduct organization that consultation is hoped for.
    Please note that you may not have a medical examination on the desired date and time depending on the reception desk situation about conduct on Saturday and Sunday.
  • As notice method varies according to "notice of meeting" or "notice of mail" and conduct organizations, please refer to conduct engine as a result of specific medical examination directly.
  • Specific medical examination includes detailed inspection item (anemia, electrocardiogram, examination of the fundus) other than basic inspection item which all the members receive, original item of Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance. Detailed inspection item is inspection to perform when doctor judges that detailed inspection is necessary about [high blood pressure] [hyperglycosemia] which corresponded to standard in the results of specific medical checkup of the year concerned.

About Yokohama-shi cancer screening

Please inquire whether you see cancer screening page about summary of Yokohama-shi cancer screening and health check-up item, conduct organization to the following "dial for exclusive use of Yokohama-shi kenshin".
It is necessary for note) cancer screening to be expected to pay self-burden separately from specific medical examination.

Dial for exclusive use of Yokohama-shi kenshin

Telephone: 045-664-2606
FAX: 045-663-4469
Reception hours: From Monday through Saturday (except celebration holiday, New Year holidays) 8:30 to 17:15

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