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About specific medical examination, system of specific health instruction

Last update date June 5, 2020

Specific medical examination, specific health instruction
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We reach shokokoyowaishakai, and overall medical expenses continues increasing with increase of elderly person population. From April, 2008 to medical care insurer such as National Health Insurance and health insurance union, specific medical checkup for members 40 years or older, conduct of identification health instruction were required to work on lifestyle-related diseases prevention all over the country to control medical expenses (about 30% of total medical expenses ) such as high blood pressure, diabetes that was one of the causes of medical expenses remarkable rise as these measures.

Therefore, in Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance, we carry out specific medical checkup, identification health instruction business from 2008.

Medical expenses of lifestyle-related diseases among medical department total medical expenses in Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance is about 30%
Renal failure, growth of medical expenses of diabetes are remarkable in the past 10 years!

The situation of medical expenses  in Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

The situation of medical expenses  in Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance

Way of thinking of metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome) is introduced.

It is said that "the internal organs fat type obesity" that accumulated of the internal organs fat is common cause of lifestyle-related diseases (high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, diabetes). In addition to this "internal organs fat type obesity", we have both plural risk factors related to high blood pressure, hyperglycosemia, lipid abnormality, and probability that lifestyle-related diseases is caused calls high state with metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome).

Metabolic syndrome progresses in this way!

Progression of metabolic syndrome

Specific medical checkup carries out inspection item judging risk factors such as the girth of the abdomen measurement and heart disease or stroke to find the internal organs fat type obesity by medical examination to discover applicable person of metabolic syndrome and spare group early for lifestyle-related diseases prevention.
Specific health instruction supports lifestyle improvement by expert (doctor, health nurse, administrative dietitian) that the person understands own health condition depending on medical examination result and can perform voluntary approach for lifestyle improvement continuously.

Figure of image of specific medical examination, health instruction

Criterion in Japan of metabolic syndrome (metabolic syndrome)

Diagnostic criteria in the current country are as follows.

  1. Measurement of people diameter of stomach
    When it is woman 90cm or more, male 85cm or more, we judge that the internal organs fat accumulates and advance to 2.
  2. When following two of three items or more correspond in people corresponding to 1, metabolic syndrome is diagnosed
    (1) Serum lipid
    "High toriguriseraido (neutral fat) blood symptom" (more than toriguriseraido 150 mg/dl) or either of "low HDL cholesterolemia" (less than 40 mg/dl of HDL cholesterol) or both come under.
    (2) Blood pressure
    Either with 85mmHg or more diastolic blood pressure blood pressure more than 130mmHg or both apply to for the shrinkage period.
    (3) Blood sugar level
    Fasting hyperglycosemia 110 mg/dl or more (considerably more than HbA1c6.0%)

Each medical insurer devises "execution plans such as specific medical checkups" which set conduct method and conduct rate of medical examination, health instruction, aim of rate of decline of eligible people of metabolic syndrome every for five years or six years and acts for conduct of steady medical examination, health instruction.

Q&A of specific medical checkup, specific health instruction

How did basic medical examination carried out with Health and Welfare Center and medical institution of ward turn out so far?

Conventional basic medical examination was abolished with having been required to perform specific health instruction specific medical examination from April, 2008 by medical insurer. Therefore, we will receive medical examination that medical insurer where you join carries out.

We take out Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance. We receive business owner medical examination once a year in the workplace, is it necessary to receive specific medical examination?

It is not necessary to receive business owner medical examination that medical examination item of specific medical examination was included in and identification medical examination that Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance carries out when we receive clinical surveys, but it is necessary to grasp the medical examination situation of member as Yokohama-shi National Health Insurance.
If you do not mind, we would appreciate your submitting results such as business owner medical examination to ward office Insurance and Pension Division National Health Insurance Section of ward to live.

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