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Specific medical examination, information for specific health instruction companies

Last update date May 26, 2020


About specific medical checkup, correspondence in specific health instruction to affect new coronavirus infectious disease

Following the fact that emergency declaration of Kanagawa was canceled on May 25, please reopen specific health instruction by specific medical checkup and meeting from May 26.
The acceptance system with each medical institution is set and, about reception desk, does not mind by start of order. Tell toward the request for consultation like that.

Recruitment of trust companies of specific medical checkup duties was finished in 2020.

Recruitment of trust companies of specific health instruction duties was finished in 2020.

Information about specific medical checkup and specific health instruction (Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ordinance and notification) is as follows (we can download material (Portable Document Format) when we click link).

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare ordinance

The Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare notification

In addition, please refer to homepage (the outside site) of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare when you want to see other materials.

Electronic request-related material

On April 1, 2020, we revised 04 manuals. As work to add medical examination pattern information after 27 pages of manuals to is necessary, work, please additionally when sorry for your inconvenience, but we have already set.

Briefing session for specific medical examination new trust medical institutions (medical association participation) and
About electronic request introduction briefing session (product for request for paper medical institutions) [cancellation, postponement]

It is title briefing session that we planned on Friday, March 27, 2020, but, taking the situation due to new coronavirus infectious disease of these days into consideration, will cancel.
I am sorry that I become guide just before that in medical institution state that had you apply.

In addition, about electronic request introduction briefing session, we plan holding some other time in around this autumn. If the details are decided, we will guide on homepage.

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