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We call for storage of gull - rude drinking water

Last update date August 22, 2019

Press release material

August 22, 2019

Water Works Bureau service promotion section

Hiroyuki Nagareda

Phone number 045-633-0163

Fax: 045-664-6779

 For "Disaster Preparedness Day" of September 1, supporting company and Water Works Bureau cooperate with Japan Post Co., Ltd., "gull town" (※ 1)
It inflects and delivers postcard of drinking water storage promotion to citizen's all of you.
 As for this approach, there is suggestion from Japan Post Co., Ltd. to the Policy Bureau cowound promotion section cowound front desk (※ 2), by citizen cooperation last year
We carry out from degree.
※Summer letter postcard (gull - ru) which Japan Post Co., Ltd. issues with 1 gull town without address
  It is service to deliver in area that supporting company appoints.
※With 2 Policy Bureau cowound promotion section cowound front desk, Yokohama-shi and private enterprise such as company, NPO corporation make use of each other's strengths and are new
  It is suggestion reception counter to push forward creation of business and further citizen cooperation.

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Telephone: 045-671-3073

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