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Instructions when we keep medical gloves as new coronavirus infectious disease measures in large quantities

When we keep thing corresponding to designated inflammables (synthetic resins) prescribed in the Yokohama-shi fire prevention regulations with gloves for medical care made of synthetic resin in large quantities, report is necessary for fire department, and it is necessary to protect necessary matter in fire prevention.

Last update date July 16, 2020

What are synthetic resins?

Synthetic resins mean solid synthetic resin product which is not non-inflammable or incombustible, synthetic resin half-finished goods, raw materials synthetic resin and synthetic resin waste (including rubber product which is not non-inflammable or incombustible, rubber half-finished goods, raw materials rubber and rubber waste) and remove fiber, cloth, paper of synthetic resin and thread and these rag and waste.
Synthetic resins are one of the designated inflammables, and it is said that the expansion is prompt, or fire fighting remarkably becomes difficult when fire occurs by any chance.

Quantity that report is necessary for?

When we keep 3,000 kg or more, report is necessary.

What is matter which is necessary in fire prevention?

  • Do not use fire abusively.
  • Install fire extinguisher.
  • You sort one accumulation unit 500 square meters to be as follows, and keep distance 1m - 3m or more between accumulation units.

It becomes nadoga need.

For more details, please ask the nearest fire department

It is storage of designated inflammables, table of fire department becoming reference about the handling.

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