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About attention when we install plastic sheets

Last update date May 29, 2020

When you install "plastic sheets" such as vinyl chloride materials in windows to prevent droplet infection of new coronavirus infectious disease, please act to use thing of flame retardant material.
In addition, you confirm three following points, and please install.

Do you not install near the point 1 fire?

 As plastic sheet is material which is easy to burn, you take distance and distance out of ⽕ mind such as cookers or lighting equipment generating heat, and please install.

Does it not obstacle to point 2 firefighting ⽤ facilities?

 When ⽕ evil did hatsu ⽣ when we install near sensor and sprinkler head of ⾃ movement ⽕ evil information facilities, it may be case and san ⽔ disorder which do not sense ⽕ evil. Please open distance and distance at facilities as needed.

Does it not become trouble of point 3 evacuation?

 Place where evacuation mouth and instruction light become hard to be seen avoids, and please install.
 Use of plastic sheet example (image) (PDF: 999KB)
 In addition, please consult about setting of plastic sheet in detail to the nearest fire department.
 Reference (the city 18 fire department) (PDF: 201KB)

※ About use of product having flame-proof performance

 Depending on ⼤ kisa of plastic sheet, setting method and setting place, ⽤ road of building, it is necessary for shi ⽤ to do plastic sheet having flame-proof performance by the Fire Services Act.
 About fire prevention object targeted for type and flame-proof regulation of flame-proof article (the outside site: Japan flame-proof association) (the outside site)

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