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Expert consultation counter about cliff

Last update date January 12, 2021

When diagonal ⾯ and retaining wall are in house and site on diagonal ⾯ and want to check case to worry about safety of your residential land and residential land to live in detail, what we talk about with expert is effective.
We make each expert group and cooperation system in Yokohama-shi and introduce private window which we can talk about.
※As each private consultation counter becomes that each group runs, about trouble in each private enterprise consultation counter, we cannot take responsibility in Yokohama-shi.
Please use by your judgment after inquiry directly to each window.
※As each consultation counter may be stopped temporarily by "emergency declaration" about new coronavirus infectious disease extended prevention official announcement, please well confirm WEB sites of each consultation counter on consultation.

* Consultation of measures construction of cliff place and safe confirmation of cliff place

Ground quality judgment person society Kanagawa Branch

[consultation example] About residential land (we include apartment) and neighboring slopes and safety of retaining wall

[group explanation]
The ground quality judgment person is specialist contributing to security and disaster prevention in house, residential land and is authorization, registered qualifications in the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. In response to consultation for question and anxiety about the residential land ground, we introduce planning of investigation plan and general measures. The ground quality judgment person society catalogue (PDF: 891KB)

[house ground consultation] Flyer (PDF: 428KB)
The zeroth consultation…Consultation (free) that is simple by email
Primary consultation…Interview (5,000 yen/h interval), local survey (viewing) (10,000 yen/h interval)
The second consultation…Evaluation book making (pay, estimate) by field work
Consultation example: About residential land (we include apartment) and neighboring slopes and safety of retaining wall

[inquiry method]
At first, please refer from consultation form of the following homepages.
Homepage of Kanagawa Branch (the outside site)

Association of Yokohama-shi authorized architect office

[consultation example] About safety of residential land and existing retaining wall

[group explanation]
It is association of building drawing office where "the making of Yokohama that is livable by security" was established with citizen in 1952 by slogan. Commencing with establishment of Hama-based house consultation counter, it is aimed for technical improvement and spread of building culture, contribution to society.

[paid business trip consultation system]
Authorized architect with knowledge goes on a business trip to the field to retaining wall belonging to association and performs consultation correspondence by viewing. Expense is around tens of thousands of yen once.
Consultation example: About safety of residential land and existing retaining wall

[inquiry method]
At first, please talk with consultation counter (free of charge, reservation required). Telephone: 045-662-1337 (the outside site)
Yokohama Building the fifth floor in 4-40, Kitanakadori, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi business and industry

* Consultation of law about problems to adjoin

Kanagawa bar association

Kanagawa bar association is legal group where all the lawyers having law office join in Kanagawa.

[general legal advice]
Regardless of problem to adjoin, it is windows for a wide variety of consultation such as money trouble or trouble in contract. There is not specialized consultation counter of cliff, but please use "general legal advice" when you want to receive advice from legal standpoint.
Please confirm the/consultation rate 5,000 yen (tax-included) details in WEB sites for less than 45 minutes at one consultation time.

[inquiry method]
Please refer below.
Yokohama-sta.-nishiguchi legal advice center
Reservation reception desk: 045-620-8300 (the outside site)

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Telephone: 045-671-2948

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