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It is shu eruniatatte thanks in business of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system

Last update date April 20, 2020

 Seya Ward did share ward from Totsuka Ward in October, 1969, and, on October 1, 2019, the new times invited the constituency system 50th anniversary in opening figure memorable year. Seya Ward was ward that had abundant water and green, and was full of nature and we were supported in warm local community and accomplished development. Is wisdom of ancient people and gift of effort, and this is deep some other time, too; show respect.
 And we had understanding of the person concerned widely in order to think about Seya Ward in the future taking the opportunity of the constituency system 50th anniversary well, and that every inhabitant of a ward participated both children and adults and celebrated the 50th anniversary and, in March, 2018, launched business executive committee of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system and carried out commemorative project. All "were connected" by commemorative project and raised under the theme of "we connect" tomorrow when "it reached" all and worked on executive committee plan event or event that we added to business such as memory magazine issuance, Seyamaru monument production, and for each 12 districts, regional societies varied and were able to carry out as thing which remained in memory by participation of many of you, cooperation and the support successfully. We thank for understanding to all of you who had you support deeply.

 Well, infectious disease of new coronavirus increased all over the world, and emergency declaration was announced from world on April 7, 2020 by 7 prefectures including Kanagawa, too, and prediction areas was just enlarged in the whole country on 16th. Anxiety spreads among inhabitants of a ward, and serious thing is for influence on economy. Please be strong for prevention of infection spread and stability and relief of the nation, civic life in the administration including country to have you cope including economical support appropriately.
 On the other hand, our everyday life in community is not whose thing, and local relief builds by hand of oneself and must protect. To that end, what we work on for prevention of infection spread is important that, at first, each living all of you plans thorough prophylaxis for the current situation and protects important family and area with oneself.
 However, unfortunately the spread of behavior that consideration to human rights to infected person lacked in is pointed out among the nations including net and SNS. Furthermore, it is demanded that we avoid dense contact with expanse and person and person of jitters, and there is concern about elderly person, isolation such as defective, healthy upbringing, support of children and influence on mental and physical health particularly.
 Understand information definitely now, of area watch, and it is sought what huddle up with feeling, and there are none when local power is asked. It turns feeling to family, friend acquaintance, the neighborhood, and it says, and even a word calls out to each other, and it pays attention to slight change, and it is important to work on there being simply because it is us. And approach by ourselves for local activation is required commencing with recovery of local economy after the infection situation converged.
 To "in commemorative project catch phrase this together Seya in memory and the future" "live together, and is brought up together, and side is people who can talk with about dream. There are cooperation, person watching. As for the living of this town, warm such thought is put by "people". This Seya Ward will succeed as thing which and joins forces in the whole area each other as warm town, and can boast of our local power to people through this difficulty in the next generation.

 Finally executive committee finishes the role now, but we tie feeling of gratitude to ancient people whom we held through commemorative project and hope to the future to 50 years in the future and wish you that health of living and our town, Seya Ward develop more and more and should be thanks.

April 20, 2020

Business executive committee of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system

Chairperson Ajiro sect Shiro

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