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Thank you for ending the 50th anniversary project of the Seya Ward Organization.

Final update date April 20, 2020

 Seya Ward City was separated from Totsuka Ward in October 1969, and celebrated its 50th anniversary on October 1, 2019 in the memorable year when a new era began. Seya Ward is a city rich in water and greenery and rich in nature, and has been supported and developed by warm local communities. This is also the result of the wisdom and efforts of our predecessors, and we will once again express our deep respect.
 In March 2018, we thought about Seya Ward City on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the constituency system, and all inhabitants of the ward, from children to adults, will participate, and in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary, The commemorative project will focus on "connecting" everyone, "connecting" everyone, and "connecting" tomorrow. In addition to projects such as executive committee planning events, commemorative magazine issuance, Seyamaru Projects, 12 districts and local organizations Everyone worked on various events, etc., and with the participation, cooperation and support of many people, we were able to carry out successfully as a memorable thing. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all of you for your understanding and support.

 By the way, the infectious disease of the new coronavirus has now spread around the world, and on April 7, 2020, the government issued an emergency declaration to seven prefectures including Kanagawa Prefecture, and on the 16th, the target area was expanded nationwide. Was. The anxiety spreads among the inhabitants, and the impact on the economy is enormous. The government and other governments strongly hope that they will respond appropriately, including financial support, to prevent the spread of infection and stabilize and secure the lives of the people and citizens.
 On the other hand, our daily life in the community is not anyone, and the security of the community must be built and protected by our own hands. To that end, it is important for each and every one of the residents to take thorough preventive measures and work to prevent the spread of infection in order to protect themselves and their precious families and communities in response to the current situation.
 However, unfortunately, it has been pointed out among the people that there is no way to give consideration to human rights to infected people, including the Internet and SNS. In addition, it is necessary to avoid the spread of anxiety and the close contact between people.In particular, there are concerns about the isolation of the elderly and people with disabilities, the healthy development and support of children, and the impact on mental and physical health. I am.
 Now is the time when it is necessary to understand information correctly, watch over the area, and share feelings, and the power of the area is not questioned. It is important to work on what we can do only by focusing on our family, friends and acquaintances, neighbors, saying a word, talking to each other, and paying attention to slight changes. After the infection has converged, our own efforts to revitalize the region, including the recovery of the local economy, are also essential.
 In the commemorative project catchphrase "Memories and the future are both in this Seya", there are people who can live together, grow together, and talk about their dreams. There are people who help each other and watch over. The life of this city is warm to people. Wouldn't this Seya Ward as a city that is warm to people, work together to overcome this difficulty, and pass on our local power to the next generation as something that can be proud of.

 Finally,Seya Ward, the Executive Committee, has finished its role now, but will connect the gratitude to the ancestors and hopes for the future through the commemorative project to the next 50 years, and the health of the residents and We sincerely pray and thank you for the further development of our city.

April 20, 2020

50th Anniversary of Seya Ward Business Executive Committee

Chair: Soshiro Ajiro

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