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Seyamaru monument of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system

Last update date March 18, 2020


Seya Ward reached the constituency system 50th anniversary on October 1, 2019 and carried out various commemorative projects with inhabitants of a ward.

By business executive committee of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system, we produced monument (figure in bronze) of Seya Ward mascot character "Seyamaru" to connect this thought with the next generation.

Photograph 1 (long distance) of Seyamaru monument

Photograph 2 (expansion) of Seyamaru monument

Photograph 3 (state at the time of setting) of Seyamaru monument

The setting date and time

Wednesday, March 18, 2020


The neighborhood of Seya Ward synthesis the first floor of the government building entrance
(190, Futatsubashicho, Seya-ku)

Comment of Ajiro practice chairperson

We have everybody love and by touching, would appreciate your further bringing up attachment to Seya Ward.

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The business executive committee secretariat (Seya Ward government office General Affairs Division General Affairs Section) of the 50th anniversary of Seya constituency system

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Telephone: 045-367-5611

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