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About various vote relations

Last update date August 5, 2019

When we go to polling place

Receptionist smoothens when you have "information that ward board of elections issues for vote".
"Information for vote" ships with sealed letter for each one piece of household per person.
Take your "guide of vote".

※We can vote without "information for vote".
In addition, there is not need to have identification cards.

About early vote place

On the day, with early vote, possibility that cannot go to polling place on election day in work or leisure is system that mails, and can vote for ballot box like vote on that day before vote directly.
As you ship "information for vote" in the case of election, take if it arrives. (we can vote without "information for vote".)

<person who can do early vote>

  • When there are work and school on election day
  • When we go out on election day including leisure and trip
  • When, for disease, childbirth, physical obstacle, it is difficult to walk

About early vote place setting place or poll hour, please confirm from this.
(about vote place or poll hour, we will publish only at the time of election.)

About absentee vote

Absentee vote is possible in the following case.

About vote on that day

On the day polling place which can vote is decided by living Address.
We cannot vote any place other than the appointed polling place on that day.
In addition, please use public transport to each polling place if possible.

About place of local polling place to live on that day, please confirm from this.
(about vote places, we will publish only at the time of election.)

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