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Repair of water supply

Final update date December 28, 2020

Leakage of water pipes on public roads

If water is leaking from a road, please call Water Works Bureau.
Especially in winter, freezing may occur and it is very dangerous, so please cooperate.

Repair of water pipes in residential lands

Repair company and contact information when water pipe in residential land breaks down

Water supply equipment diagram
Resolution of customer-owned water supply equipment

Road side from water meter

About leak of road side from water meter, we construct free when repair is possible in Water Works Bureau water leakage is possible. However, restoration in residential land is, in principle, customer construction (excluding simple restoration). Please contact Water Works Bureau Service Center, please.
When repair place is slope, lawn, tree planting or structure (concrete, tile, retaining wall, stone wall, building, etc.) that cannot be easily excavated, demolished and restored, repair may not be possible in Water Works Bureau.

faucet side from water meter

About leak from water meter to faucet, we do not repair in Water Works Bureau, so please refer to the "Meter Downstream Water Leak Repair Company List" and request repair.
Close all faucets, check the pilot in the center of the water meter, and if the pilot is rotating, there is a possibility of water leakage. Please ask the construction shop for repair, including investigation. 
With repair, permission of owner of water supply equipment and land and house is necessary.

Check for leaks

Illustration on how to check for water leaks
How to check for leaks

The amount of water used has increased more than usual, but if water leakage cannot be confirmed (see "How to check for water leakage" above), or if you do not know how to check for water leakage and are worried about water leakage, Water Works Bureau City Check for water leakage free of charge. (You will need to be present.)

In addition, confirmation of the presence or absence of water leakage is due to visual inspection that does not dig the ground, so the location of water leakage is not specified. For a survey to identify the location of water leakage, please refer to the "List of Water Leak Repair Companies on the Lower Meter" and ask a waterworks contractor.
In the case of apartments such as condominiums, please contact the building owner, manager, and management company.

※Water Works Bureau City will check for leaks in the morning (9: 00-11: 00) or afternoon (13: 30-16: 00) on weekdays, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays. The time you call depends on the time you call.

[Estimated] Time to call and date and time of response by Water Works Bureau's call
If you call by 12:00 on weekdays After the afternoon of the day (13: 30-16: 00)
If you call after 12:00 on weekdays After the morning of the next business day (9:00 to 11:00)

[Note 1] You can't specify the time to visit.
[Note 2] Depending on the reception status, it may be a survey after the next day.

When water leak repair is completed

Once the water leak repair is completed, some water charges may be reduced.

Business trip expenses for Water Works Bureau business trip

Currently, we do not receive travel expenses such as checking for leaks.

If you can't stop even after closing the faucet

In this case, deterioration of packing may be the cause.
The replacement of the packing of a type faucet that opens and closes the general lever handle up and down (see the illustration on the left side below) has a complicated structure, so please refer to the "List of Water Leak Repair Companies on the Lower Meter" and consult a waterworks shop. Please give me.
In addition, when changing the packing of the faucet (see the illustration on the right side below) that turns and opens and closes the steering wheel, refer to "How to replace the packing", purchase the packing at a home center, etc., and replace it yourself Is recommended.

If the toilet is clogged

If a toilet is clogged, it cannot be handled in Water Works Bureau. Please talk with each ward Public Works Office (sewer section) or setting, construction supplier of restroom.

Application for water works

Please apply for water supply construction such as new construction, remodeling, removal of water supply equipment to Yokohama-shi designation water supply equipment construction company.
List of Yokohama-designated water supply equipment construction companies

For inquiries about water supply, please contact Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center.

Water Works Bureau Customer Service Center

Telephone: 045-847-6262 Fax: 045-848-4281
※Please be careful not to make a mistake.

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Telephone: 045-671-30699

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